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Industry Organizations

Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers International

Amusement Media

AmuseNET Directory

IAAPA On-line

International Association of Fairs and Expositions

International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry

National Amusement Park Historical Association

National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials

Outdoor Amusement Business Association

World Playground Parks & Recreation, Products and Services Web Directory

World Water-Park Association


News / Publications

Amusement Business Online

Amusement Today

At The Park Magazine

Splash Magazine

Mining Company - Theme Parks


Merchandise / Products

E-Amusement Park Store

Antique Amusement Park Toys

Coaster Shop

Out and Back Productions

Roller Coaster Enthusiasts Store

Telemedia Group


Roller Coaster Pages

Airtime! Coasters, Amusement Parks and Thrill Rides

Allyn Franklin's Coaster Images


Ben's Roller Coaster Site

Big Coasters

Bobcoaster's Coaster Pages

Classic Coaster Postcards

CNN Destinations - Coasters

Coaster Central

Coaster Compendium

Coaster Connection!

Coaster Crazy

Coaster Gallery

Coaster Net


Coaster Photo Central

Coaster Planet

Coaster Quest

Coaster Quest Tours

Coaster Mania

Coaster Network

Coaster Hoast

Encyclopedia Britannica Presents Roller Coasters

Front Seat Roller Coaster Gallery

G Force Coaster Page

Harry Traver Roller Coaster Designer

John Miller Roller Coaster Designer

Ken's Roller Coaster Page

Leap the Dips Preservation Foundation


Lost Coasters

Planet Coaster

Roller Coaster Pro

Roller Coaster Database

Roller Coaster World

Rec Roller Coaster Page

Save the Lincoln Park Comet

Supreme Coaster Page



Tim Melago's Roller Coaster & Rides Page

Tim's Coaster Zone

Tim's Roller Coasters

Ultimate Roller Coaster

White Knuckle Coasting

Whiz's Wondrous Coaster Cosmos

World of Coasters


Special Interest Groups / Clubs

American Coaster Enthusiasts

Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada

European Coaster Club

Florida Coaster Club

Greater Ohio Coaster Club

Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club

Obsessed Roller Coaster Enthusiasts

Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

Western New York Coaster Club

Wild Ones Coaster Club

WildWest Coaster Club


Assorted Pages

Alex's Place

Amusement Link One Source

Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Links

Amusement Park Nostalgia

Amusement Park Physics

Amusement Ride Accidents

Amusement Ride Extravaganza


Defunct Amusement Parks


G & K Roller Coaster & Amusement Park Gateway

Imagination Portal

Jeff's Amusement Park Maps


LI Entertainment

Mike's Videos

Nightcoaster's Amusement Park Guide

Play Ride



Steve Wilson: rides, towers, and more.

Theme Park Jobs

Theme Park Review


Ultimate Attractions

Ultimate Theme Park Guide

Unofficial Orlando Theme Parks Guide

Worlds Fair & Theme Stuff

Yahoo! - Entertainment:Amusement and Theme Parks


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