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Amusement Advantage was created by Scot and Christine Carson in 1997. It is a company born of years of amusement park management, customer service, and mystery shopping experience. As a result of their interest and enthusiasm for amusement facilities, Scot and Chris put their experience and talents together to start a company that worked exclusively with the amusement industry.  This market niche includes theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and family entertainment centers. The company is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA), International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry, National Amusement Park Historical Association and the American Coaster Enthusiasts. The company is based in Denver, Colorado but has accounts nationwide.

Unlike most mystery shopping companies, Amusement Advantage specializes in a specific industry. Specialization allows the company to be more in tune with its customers’ individual needs. Choosing to specialize in the amusement industry also allows Chris and Scot to incorporate two industries they truly enjoy, mystery shopping and entertainment. Scot A. Carson, General Manager, has a BA in advertising and an extensive background in marketing, amusement park management, and customer service. During Scot’s many years at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado, he realized the growing importance of customer satisfaction in an industry with ever-increasing competition. “Competition is keen for the consumer’s entertainment dollar. Only by providing the best service possible can amusement facilities maintain their competitive advantage.” Amusement Advantage provides a critical look at guest service through cost-effective mystery shopping programs that are custom-tailored to meet each facility’s specific needs. “We guarantee quality feedback that facilities can use to their advantage.”

Christine A. Carson, Shopper Coordinator, has a BA in English and many years of experience in customer service and mystery shopping. “When I was a mystery shopper, I only accepted assignments that I knew I would enjoy. Because of this, we recruit a specific kind of mystery shopper. Our shoppers are people who really enjoy attending amusement facilities and having their voices heard.” Prices in the amusement industry today are quite high, especially for families. Amusement Advantage's  mystery shopping programs help to ensure that the service is worth the price.

Mystery shoppers for Amusement Advantage consist of shoppers who visit local facilities near them and shoppers who complete assignments while on vacations. Amusement Advantage provides free admission for 3-4 people given prior to or at the time of the evaluation and various payments/reimbursements, depending upon the assignment.  Completing a “visit” for Amusement Advantage, can help cut the costs of a family vacation or weekend get-away. Amusement Advantage does not reimburse travel costs.

A typical evaluation for Amusement Advantage starts when the shopper receives the admission passes. For some assignments, passes are sent through the mail. For others, shoppers retrieve their passes at the facility. Shoppers are encouraged to take a copy of the evaluation form with them to the facility, but are cautioned to maintain the secrecy of the assignment. Most of the evaluation form consists of yes/no and various gradient questions, but there are also extensive narrative sections. Shoppers are given their choice of food, game, retail and ride locations to evaluate.  For each section the shoppers evaluate the customer service they receive.  In addition, they observe cleanliness and maintenance conditions at the facility.

Amusement Advantage is recruiting new shoppers in all areas of the country.  The On-Line Application to become a volunteer visitor requests: demographic data, availability, and information about previous mystery shopping experience. Applicants must also complete three short essay questions, and an Independent Contractor Agreement.


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