Editor Grading Criteria

Section Criteria Comments
Deadlines: Both results and receipts submitted on time To receive full score here you must have both submitted on time.  Late submission of either receipts or results will lower your grade.  Failure to submit both on time significantly lowers your score.
  Either results or receipts submitted late
Details: NO details missing / extremely detailed Common problems are leaving out employee descriptions or what was said during employee interactions.  Generalities are not sufficient.  You must explain why you scored the way you did.  Details are critical to providing a high quality complete report.
  Minor details missing / good details overall
  Significant details missing / incomplete
Narration: Extensive explanation / extremely well written Common issues are not providing enough narrative or not writing in a professional manner free of numerous grammatical errors.  Narrative needs to be well written in a manner that is easy to read and understand.  Complete sentences are required in all cases.
  Adequate explanation / good writing overall
  Inadequate or incomplete / poor writing
Consistency: Scores always matched / no inconsistencies The comments provided in your narrative explanation must match the Yes/No and 0-4 answers provided.  If an employee was very friendly then they should receive a score of 3 or 4.  Consistency is the key.  Too many answers of the same score are also a concern.
  Scores occasionally inconsistent / overall consistent
  Scores often inconsistent / no correlation
Commitment: Did everything possible to complete entire evaluation Failure to demonstrate sufficient effort to complete all areas and requirements for the assignment will lower your grade.  This includes reading nametags, talking with all required employees and evaluating all required areas.  We expect you to do everything possible to ensure you complete all requirements.
  Demonstrated good effort to complete entire evaluation
  Did not make sufficient effort to complete entire evaluation