Login Trouble?

Be sure to enter your First Name and Last Name EXACTLY as you entered them when you originally applied or as they appear in your Shopper's Profile.

Once you press SUBMIT you will receive one of the following messages:
bullet Enter Your Password:  Your name and email address were correct and are on file, but you must enter your password to login.
bullet Blank / New Application:  If a new/blank application page appears, the email address you provided is not on file.  Double check that you are entering it correctly.  If you recently changed your email address, you need to login with your previous address and change your email address in your profile.
bullet "That Email Address Has Already Been Used In Our Database"The name you entered does not match with the name that is in the database with your email address.  Perhaps you entered your name differently when you first applied.  Try to login again using any other variations of your name that you may have used.  Try switching your first and last name as many people input them backwards.
Other Problems / Information:

Returned to Login Page - If the system returns you to the login page after you enter your password without giving you any error message, there is most likely a problem with your "cookies" on your browser.  Many times this is caused by an incorrect date/time setting on your computers internal calendar/clock which corrupts your cookies.  Place your cursor over the time in the bottom right hand corner of your task bar.  Right-Click on the time and choose Adjust Date/Time.  Make sure that the date and time are set correctly.  If this doesn't resolve the problem the only other thing we can suggest is to delete your cookies.

Lost Password - If you have lost your password or never received it, enter your name and email address and hit submit and then press the EMAIL PASSWORD button at the bottom of the enter password page to have it emailed to you.

New / Changed Email - If your email address has changed and you no longer have access to the old address, please send an email to shopperprofile@amusementadvantage.com requesting that your email address be updated.  Please provide both your old and new address.

Delete - To completely remove your profile and email from our database:  Login to your shopper's profile and click on the Remove Button at the bottom of the page and hit submit.

Inactive - To stop receiving receive emails:  Login to your shopper's profile and change the status at the bottom of the page to be inactive and hit submit.

Spam / Junk / Bulk Mail Settings - You must set your spam, junk or bulk email filter or program to accept all mail from any address at our domain (amusementadvantage.com).  This is often called a whitelist, safe list or friend list.  If you use a spam, junk or bulk email program that requires us to respond to some type of automated email to be accepted onto your safe list, be advised that our system will not respond to such automated requests.  You will need to add us to your list yourself.  Please ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help with your settings to ensure you will receive all mail from our company.

Do NOT CALL our office asking for password or profile assistance.  If you have followed the steps listed above and still need assistance you can send an email to shopperprofile@amusementadvantage.com.