Payments will be processed through our relationship with PayQuicker and sent within 10-17 days after all required items are submitted.  PayQuicker’s service is similar to other payment solutions however it is AT LEAST A WEEK FASTER!  PayQuicker is a great option, especially if you do not want to share your bank account information with other offered payment solutions.  PayQuicker’s solution also reduces delays and inconveniences associated with paper checks.



·         To receive payments via PayQuicker, simply go into your Shopper Profile from your Shopper’s Homepage and select PayQuicker as your preferred payment method.

·         Payments will be processed via PayQuicker weekly and within 10-17 days after you submit all required items.

·         You will receive an email notification from notifications@payquicker.com informing you that a payment has been made to you.

·         When you receive your first Instant Payment™ email notification, you will be required to enroll on the PayQuicker website (NOTE: PayQuicker is an invite only platform so you will not be able to enroll prior to receiving your first Instant Payment).

o    There will be a “link” included in the Instant Payment notification for you to click on to being your enrollment.

§  (This is a one-time process that takes less than 5-minutes to complete.)

o    Enrollment is simple and PayQuicker’s platform walks you through every step of the process.


For more information please visit PayQuicker’s website at www.payquicker.com or call them directly at 866-400-2712.