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Easy Movie Theater Assignments

Want to get paid to see a movie for FREE?

We have many great theater check shops available all throughout the US.  See details below!

We now have regular theater checks, theater rental/private watch party/screening checks and drive-in theater checks!

Our Theater Rental checks now provide all payment/reimbursement in just 14-21 days due to the high reimbursement amounts.

These Theater Checks typically require a guest.  You will have a list of specific movies to chose from including title/film and days/times.  They may also require you to purchase the tickets in two specific different ways including websites and retail stores, ticketing kiosks and/or the box office.  They may also require tickets for very specific types of seats or auditoriums/showings.  For regular theaters, you will need to spend at least 1 hour at the facility and are not required to watch the entire film unless you want to. You must watch at least the first 10 minutes of the movie. For drive-in’s you may be required to watch 2-3 movies on the same screen and count cars.  The evaluations are 1 page long and will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.  Pictures of pricing, ticketing promotions, receipts and tickets are critically important.

Areas Covered: The evaluations/checks typically cover all the following information:

  • Location / Movie Details: Theater name, address, distributor/studio (from feature list) and feature/film title
  • All Posted Prices: By seat types purchased AND admission/ticket type (adult, student, senior, etc.) AND showing type (Matinee and Evening) – Pictures of regular box office prices required
  • Any Ticket Specials or Promotions Advertised – Pictures of signage required
  • Any Free Items Provided with any tickets purchased
  • Ticket Purchase Details: Type of ticket, type of seat, time of purchase, receipt details, price and ticket number)
  • Showtime & Auditorium Number
  • Seating Count (by seat type)
  • Audience Count (by seat type)
  • Car Count- for screen viewed (drive-in’s)
  • Movies shown (drive-in’s)

Pay / Expenses:  The pay for regular shops is typically $20-$40 and for drive-in’s $40-$90.  An additional $5 can be earned on all types of theater shops if submitted by 10am the next day (reports are always due by 10pm the next day).  Mileage pay is sometimes available on locations in more rural areas based upon client deadlines and shopper locations.  You will also be reimbursed for all required ticket or rental purchases (you and a guest if required). There are typically no other required purchases but if there are any other required expenses or purchases, they are reimbursed in full. You must provide receipts documenting the all required movie tickets/rentals and pictures of the tickets to receive payment/reimbursement. This reimbursement is provided in addition to the payment. You are welcomed to take other guests of any age with you beyond any required guests, but the pay/reimbursement will not change.

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