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Consulting Services


Summary Analysis Reports


Staff Training & Leadership Coaching

Provided In Exclusive Partnership with Performance Optimist Consulting


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In 2011, Amusement Advantage forged an exclusive partnership with Matt Heller of Summary Optimist Consulting to provide insight and analysis of mystery shopping results through Summary Analysis Reports.  Additional consulting services also offered through this collaboration are Staff Training & Development and Leadership Coaching sessions to address issues identified.  These comprehensive solutions provide the tools needed to gain a competitive advantage.

Step 1-Measurement:  A custom Mystery Shopping program is created combining industry standard criteria and attraction specific parameters.  On-site visits are executed by mystery shopping professionals who represent each location’s actual customer target market.  Detailed feedback and observations are provided via an extensive written report within 48-72 hours of the actual visit. 


Step 2-Analysis:  In depth Summary Analysis Reports are prepared based upon a series of mystery shopping reports.  These reports highlight trends and patterns in employee behavior along with providing employee development suggestions and potential employee incentive ideas.  The reports can also provide insight regarding guest perceptions and moments of truth from their experience.  An introductory 30-minute pre-analysis call is conducted with appropriate members of the attraction’s leadership team to understand the organization’s  expectations.  A post-analysis follow-up call is also conducted to answer questions or clarify statements made in the reports.

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Fees are based on the number of mystery shopping reports included.  For example:

Summary Analysis of Three (3) reports = $350

(+$50 for each additional shopping report included)

Step 3-Action:  Choosing the right solution to any of the behaviors identified during this process can be a complicated task.  Our consultants will work closely with you and your teams to ensure that a clear understanding of the cause of the behavior is identified so the proper outcomes can be achieved.  In some cases, targeted and engaging Staff Training and Development programs are appropriate, where other situations may call for Leadership Coaching, process improvement discussions, or conflict resolution sessions.

The following grid provides a few examples of possible solutions that could be put in place to address the identified behaviors. 

Behavior Identified

Possible Causes

Possible Solutions

Poor guest service

Employee skill level

Customer Service training

Employee morale

Look at Management practices

Obstacles present

Work to remove obstacles


Procedures not being followed

Employee understanding


Employee unwilling

Look at environment/barriers

Is it one or all?

Individual vs. team approach


Rude employees

Frustration/feeling overwhelmed

Look at environmental factors

Not being able to handle situations

Look at hiring practices

Conflict with others

Employee relations mediation


Fees are determined by the solution chosen.  For example:


Facilitated sessions delivered to multiple people (i.e. staff training, management teambuilding, etc.)

·      1 hour (meeting, lunch and learn, etc) = $1000

·      1/2 day (3-4 hours)  = $3000

·      Full day session (6-8 hours) = $5000


Individual Coaching (i.e. brainstorming, problem solving, operational review, etc.)

·      $100 per hour


By combining the process of mystery shopping, trend analysis and developmental training, Amusement Advantage provides all the resources necessary to give your attraction the service advantage regarding your guests’ experience: Measurement, Analysis and Action.

About Matt Heller

Matt Heller is a 23-year veteran of the amusement/entertainment industry.  Starting as a ride operator at age 18, Mr. Heller worked his way through numerous companies and leadership positions throughout the industry, including 8 years as a dedicated leadership trainer and performance consultant with Universal Orlando Resort and 2 years as the Chair of the IAAPA Human Resources Committee.  In June of 2011, Matt founded Performance Optimist Consulting as a resource for leaders in the attractions industry.




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