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We offer payments in 10-17 days via or 21-28 days via We offer payments via PayPal! or Check in 45-60 days.
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We offer a $10 Referral payment each time a shoppers refers any new shopper who completes a shop for us.
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For information about completing assignments while on a trip of vacation see our Travel Plans page.


We are proud members of: 


As such we abide by their Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement for Members
We also expect all of our shoppers to adhere to their Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement for Shoppers.
We also urge you to visit their site for more information about mystery shopping.

Amusement Advantage strongly supports MSPA certification; Gold Certification will

soon be available on DVD!  See details at

Here are more great resources for shoppers: Mystery Shopping Guide

Visit their site for great FREE shopper tools and resources such as:

bulletShoppers database free to all mystery shopping companies
bulletShoppers assignment calendar

Mystery Shoppers HQ: categorized resource directory for everything about mystery shoppers.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Amusement Advantage is a performance evaluation or mystery shopping company that utilizes mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers are called many things from secret shoppers and trained customers to anonymous shoppers and quality auditors. Mystery shopping involves trained anonymous customers visiting a service business as a common shopper and then giving detailed written evaluations of their experiences. This provides the business with an outsider's view of their services. Shoppers receive various forms of payment such as cash reimbursement, gift certificates, coupons and free passes. Mystery shopping is used nationwide by various companies such as restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, apartment complexes, retail stores and amusement facilities.  Click here for Mystery Shopping Links.

Company Background

Amusement Advantage was created by Scot and Christine Carson in 1997. It is a company born of years of amusement park management, customer service, and mystery shopping experience. As a result of their interest and enthusiasm for amusement facilities, Scot and Chris put their experience and talents together to start a company that worked exclusively with the amusement industry.  This market niche includes theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and family entertainment centers.

Who are our Clients?

We work exclusively with amusement and entertainment facilities:

bulletAmusement / Theme Parks

Water Parks


Family Entertainment Centers




Attractions / Museums


Children's Play Centers / Parks


Zoos / Wildlife Parks / Aquariums


Carnivals / Fairs

Shopping for our Company

Mystery shoppers for Amusement Advantage receive free tickets, payments and reimbursements to the facilities that they are evaluating in return for their detailed written evaluations.  Shoppers are responsible for payment of: (where applicable) any parking charges, one food/beverage purchase, one employee-service game and one retail purchase while at the facility.  For more information please see our Independent Contractor Agreement.

To apply to become a mystery shopper for Amusement Advantage please visit our On-Line Application

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