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What are Your Guests Experiencing?

Every aspect of a guest's experience is important and can increase spending and lead to higher attendance.


O A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 20 other potential customers; these 20 in turn will tell another 20...

O For every complaint the average business receives, there are 24 more unhappy customers.

O It costs 6 times more to attract a new customer than keep a current customer


As the only exclusive Guest Experience Solutions provider to the attractions industry, Amusement Advantage is dedicated to providing your attraction the tools needed to measure your guest experience, analyze results and facilitate action to improve your guest experience.  We have experience working in all 50 states, Canada and some international locations.  We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services.  Click here to view references.


Solutions for the Attractions Industry


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Mystery Shopping

- Proven programs with over 250 facilities nationwide

- Comprehensive evaluations of your entire operation

- Conducted by mystery shopping professional in your market

- Targeted Group Sales / Phone Order / Reservations evaluations

- Complete On-site Birthday Party Evaluations

- Fast results provided within 48-72 hours

- Guest Service, value, safety and loss prevention

- On the spot employee recognition and awards

- Industry standard and facility specific criteria

- Digital photos and recorded phone calls available

- Custom online reporting -  interval / summary / comparison data

- Click here to view sample reports

Exit Surveys

- Conducted on-site at attraction by trained contractors

- Contractors are professional and outgoing

- Customized survey for each attraction

- Data captured using PDA

- Summary report of results included

- Click here for more information

Guest Surveys

- Customized survey questions and formats

- Phone IVR surveys

- Website surveys

- Surveys can be driven by POS receipts

- Summary report of results included


Summary Analysis Reports

- Based upon actual Mystery Shopping Results

- Highlight trends and patterns of behavior

- Provide recommendations and suggestions

- Uncover industry norms

- Pre and post analysis calls included

- Click here for more information

Industry Competitive Analysis Reports

- Compare mystery shopping results with other similar attractions

- Attractions industry standard criteria comparisons

- View consumer ratings from website


Staff Training & Development

- Designed specifically based upon measurement and analysis

- Customer Service skills training

- Positive attitude and employee morale sessions

- Overcoming rude customers / conflict resolution

- Click here for more information

Leadership Coaching

- Uncovering environmental barriers

- Procedure compliance - individual vs. team approach

- Hiring practices and employee screening

- Click here for more information

More Information:


Industry Undercover - Mystery Shopping in the attractions industry...

FunWorld Magazine, November/December 2008



Standard Services Brochure


Enhanced Services Brochure


10 Things to Consider when Implementing



 Outsourcing your Mystery Shopping


Contact us today to learn how we can help optimize your guest experience!



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