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Industry Experience

Amusement Advantage’s specialization in the amusement industry is unique and is the cornerstone of existing relationships with clients.  No other mystery-shopping provider is dedicated to serving the amusement industry.  Specialization allows the company to be more in tune with its customers’ individual and unique needs and the challenges associated with mystery shopping programs within these environments. 

Amusement Advantage has implemented mystery-shopping programs for facilities of varying size, structure and annual attendance.  The company is based in Denver, Colorado and works with clients and mystery shoppers nationwide.  Below is a partial list of facility types served.





 O Amusement Parks  / Theme Parks

O Water Parks / Indoor Water Resorts

 O Family Entertainment Centers

O Aquariums / Zoos / Wildlife Parks

 O Ski Resorts / Ski Areas / Tubing Parks

O Mini Golf / Driving Ranges / Golf Courses

 O Bounce / Inflatable Party Centers

O Attractions / Location Based Entertainment

 O Go-Kart Tracks / Speed Parks

O Roller Skating / Ice Skating Centers

 O Video Arcades / Games Centers

O Birthday Party Centers

 O Science Centers / Museums

O Carnivals / Fairs / Festivals

 O Motion Theatres / Simulators

O Paintball Fields / Laser Tag Centers

 O Stadiums / Arenas / Sports Venues

O Recreation Centers / Parks Districts/ Pools

 O Children's Entertainment Centers

O Convention / Visitor Centers

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Maintaining memberships in amusement industry associations is a key component of the company's dedication to the amusement industry.

Proud Members of:

Amusement Advantage is also a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).  Our membership in the MSPA stipulates adherence to a strict code of ethics and a genuine interest in furthering the mystery shopping industry.

Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement for Members


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