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Party Pro!  -  Complete Birthday Party Evaluations
Party Pro! evaluations are complete customized mystery shopping programs to evaluate the entire birthday party experience at your facility.  These evaluations include:Amusement Advantage Party Pro Evaluations

Amusement Advantage Party Pro Evaluations

    Marketing / Advertising / Promotions
    Website / Email / Information Requests
    Phone Sales / Booking / Reservations
    Party Area / Counter / Room
    Party Host / Hostess
    Party Favors / Gifts
    Decorations / Theme
    Food / Drinks / Cake
    Games / Activities / Entertainment
    Rides / Attractions

    Price / Value / Competitive Analysis

   Evaluate your facility and staff using industry standard and facility specific criteria.
   Real-world comments and feedback from a prospective customer in your market.


   Digital pictures and recorded phone calls available.


   Stand-alone phone, web, and email-only shops also available.

        See the Group Sales page for more info.

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