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Client References


  Amusement Advantageís first-rate services continue to garner a strong and dedicated client base and key professional alliances within the amusement industry.


 ∑ Amusement Advantage continues to invest in advanced technologies, establish strategic relationships and explore value-added services


 ∑ Amusement Advantage works with over 100 facilities nationwide including large and small facilities of many types. 



- Peter Gardella

DelGrosso'sís Amusement Park

"I would absolutely recommend their services. They are cost effective and a great human relations tool. The reports are well written & concise. Itís great for discussion at staff meetings."

- Dave Kulis

Mesa Golfland & SunSplash WaterPark

"For the money, we simply haven't found a better way to get high-quality feedback as to how we're doing from the guest's perspective."

- Lorry Comiskey

California Science Center

"I am extremely happy with the service and how it is helping to transform the managers, supervisors and staff members.  The information is invaluable when trying to identify gaps in training."

- Matt Ankley

Aquarium of the Pacific

"Exit surveys are great, but for the individual front line staff, they don't mean a whole lot. AA provides the individual specific objective feedback on how they are doing their job and how the customer perceives them, allowing individuals to take ownership for improving the guest experience."

- Ken Bupt

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park

"Amusement Advantage has played a significant role in helping Conner Prairie Interactive History Park continue to improve the experiences we offer our guests. They provide the highest quality mystery shoppers who consistently provide real value as part of our ongoing customer research efforts, and their prices are a bargain compared with other firms we've considered. The return on investment for us has been outstanding."

- Brian Bossuyt

CamelBack Ski Resort / CamelBeach Water Park

"Amusement Advantage has provided not only a wonderful customer service tool for our company; in the same right we have been able to use their reports as an aid for our customer service training program for our staff.  We have used their reports for both our summer and winter businesses and the suggestions we have received from their secret shoppers have enabled us to improve our customerís total experience when they visit our resort."

- Dana Lewis

1st Mariner Arena

"We receive valuable information that helps us identify problems, correct them and better serve our patrons."

- Carol Monheimer

Magic Springs Crystal Falls

"We have been thrilled with the reports we receive which have enabled us to focus on problem areas and reward team members in those areas that provide exceptional service."

- David Goetz

Service Systems Associates

"Customization was important and pricing was excellent.  Each report dove-tailrs well into our ongoing customer service programs."

- Keith Hood

Kennywood Entertainment Company

"The most important factor in choosing Amusement Advantage was the price of service. Our level of satisfaction was fully as expected." 

- David Bucher

Kiwanis Park Recreation Center

"It initiates conversations about customer service and what we do well and where we do not do as well and why.  We chose them because of the format, experience, flexibility and feeling that we were an important client."

- Bonnie Frum

Garden of the Gods Visitor Center

"They do a great job in every area of service.  We choose then because of their expertise in attractions and they have been very response."

- Scott MacKay

Sandcastle WaterPark

"The program allows managers insight into guest/team member interaction. The company is very easy to work with!" 

- Amber Christopher

Denver Zoo

"We recommend Amusement Advantage.  I think it is a great service and reasonably priced.  It has helped us identify problems from a customerís point of view."

- Stuart Hersh

Grand Prix Tampa

"I would recommend their services because they're tailored to get whatever information is desired.  The flexibility of reporting and price was the most important factor in choosing their services." 

- Donna M. Powell

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

"The customizable site review was very helpful to managers in addressing service shortfalls, but also in providing positive feedback to staff."

- Frank Sirre

New Roc Fun House

"We get a great tailor made evaluation specifically giving emphasis on what we feel we need assessed.  I am able to get what a guest's perception of reality is on any given day." 

- Dino Fazio

Morey's Piers

"The quality of the product is excellent and the cost is reasonable.  We use the results to hone our training and recognition programs.  We also respond immediately to issues raised by the reports."

- Colleen Wyatt

Hinkle Family Fun Center

"This is an invaluable program in terms of obtaining the evaluations from an outside source and helping us to continually implement and evaluate our service to our guests." 

- Elaine Gainer

Santa's Village

"We use it as a motivational tool.  It's very worthwhile to us.  It helps management know guests interpretations and feelings about the park."

- Robert Araiza

Mulligan Family Fun Centers

"Allowing our staff to listen to their own recording and grade themselves is priceless.  The evaluations are a great teaching tool.

- Brian Baker

Ocean Breeze Water Park

"Amusement Advantage does a great job of tailoring the survey to each individual park's needs.  We are extremely satisfied with the results."

- Mark Slesser

Coney Island Emporium

"Their services provide a clear and insightful independent observation of your facility.  It helps to identify both strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of your operation." 

- Bobbie Wages

Lake Compounce Theme Park

"I would recommend their services because it helps to have another set of eye on our operation."

- Darren Harmon

Wilsonville Family Fun Center

"It's a good way to track the service in your facility...very thorough evaluations, easy to read."

- Linda Husted

The Seven Falls Company

"Amusement Advantage provides us with an organized, detailed report which is a valuable resource for us to evaluate and make appropriate changes that will positively impact our guests."

- Barry Kumpf

Lakemont Park & The Island WaterPark

"We are actually implementing several suggestions which were made on our reports.  We believe that each of these changes will enhance our guest services." 

- Eric Johnson

Boondocks Fun Centers

"It's a great resource to see exactly what's going on in your park... and to be reminded of the customers perspective.  It has helped us to focus more on our customer service and provide another form of training for our employees."

- Lou Cirigliano

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach

"It is a great tool to see how your business is operating.  We've taken many suggestions by the shoppers and implemented them - to our guest's appreciation!"

- Michael Anthony Russo

Adventure Cove Family Fun Center

"I have always believed it necessary to have an outside source secretly evaluate our facility.  The reports were returned in a timely fashion and the content was useful."

- Andrew Maurek

Hyland Hills Water World

"We can pick little things out and sometimes we can see trends.  We are extremely satisfied with the delivery and timing of the reports."

- Ken Ciancio

Hyland Hills Adventure Golf

"It is an excellent tool that will help you gauge what you do right and what you need to improve on.  We use all of our evaluations as a tool to improve guest relations, hiring, safety and cleanliness."

- Linda De Carvalho

Golf N' Stuff Fun Centers

"The service pinpoints areas which may otherwise be overlooked and improves customer service."

- Kristi Dean

Joyland Amusement Park

"We red flagged some areas we needed to improve on. We were very satisfied with their services."

- Kevin Starr

Wild Mountain Recreation

"The information received is relevant and valuable.  The crew, as long as they know what is expected, have shown improvement in their guest service goals."

- Valerie Sermet

The Jungle Fun and Adventure

"It is an extremely valuable tool.  Everyone is motivated knowing that the secret shopper could be coming anytime."

- Josh Drake

The Factory Fun Center

"It has helped us to analyze exactly where we need to focus our time and resources as far as training, maintenance, etc."


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