NEW SUPER $20 Referral Program!

Now you can Submit Referrals right on our website!   You will earn $20 for the first shop each new shopper you refer completes.

Here's How It Works:

bulletSubmit your referrals at the following link to ensure you get credit - Click Here
bullet We send them an email and give them all the information and how to apply.
bullet When they complete their first assignment successfully, we will process a payment within regular shop payment timeframes.
bullet The payment will be made via PayPal.
bullet Only brand new shopper applicants are eligible as new referral candidates.
bulletThere is no limit to the number of new shoppers each shopper can refer.
bulletThere is no timeline on when they must complete their first shop.
bulletThere is no restriction on which shops they must complete.
bulletThere is no restriction on who can refer new shoppers.
bulletThere is no restriction on who you refer other than existing shoppers.
bulletThere is no requirement to have completed a shop to refer others and earn referral payments.

Please share information about our shops and our Referral Program with all your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you know who might be interested. There is no point keeping our assignments a secret from others as we can only send each shopper back so often and our clients want unique feedback from many different shoppers so the more shoppers we have, the happier our clients are and the more assignments we can provide to EVERYONE!

NOTE:  If you don't submit your referrals via the link above, BEFORE they register then your referral absolutely MUST list your EMAIL ADDRESS as their referral source for you to receive credit!


Attention Schedulers, Recruiters and other individuals interested in becoming a higher volume Recruiting Partner:

As an approved Recruiter Partner you will earn the same $20 for each new referral plus have tools to track and refer many more people via your Recruiter Portal!


We provide you with a custom referral link to give shoppers to register on our site that gives you credit as their referral source.


You can view all our open shops anytime via your shopper login and target areas that we have recurring shops or hard to fill assignments.


You will automatically see if the referrals you are submitting are already in the system so you are aware.


You can view a list of all your referrals at any time and see if they have submitted an application.


You can advertise our shops on various mystery shopping sites and other job sites as appropriate.


You can highlight that you are an approved Recruiter Partner for Amusement Advantage in your postings and communications.


You can communicate with our schedulers to notify them of new shoppers you have referred to request that they be scheduled.


You will automatically receive a monthly report showing all your new referrals for that month and any referral who completed their first shop that month.

Get started today by sending an email to with your full name, background in recruiting or scheduling and what resources you plan to use to recruit for AA.


Other Reminders:

bullet Picture & Receipt UPGRADE:  We now accept larger images up to 20 MB with no need for you to reduce the size before uploading.  We also added the ability to quickly rename and rotate .jpg image files.  This will save everyone time and aggravation when uploading images.
bulletPayments:  We provide payments in 30-45 days.
bullet Monthly Release:  We release most shops on the on the SECOND Friday of each preceding month to give our shoppers more time to plan for our shops.
bullet MSPA Certification:  New shoppers who are MSPA Certified will be able to self-assign themselves on most of our assignments based upon their certification level without any previous experience with our company.


If you have any questions about our shopper referral program please email

Thanks for your help!

Scot A. Carson
President / General Manager
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