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Santa Photo Shops

Get photos for your Holiday Cards Early and for FREE!

Are you interested in getting paid to receive FREE Santa photos for your kids?

Shops available all throughout the US.  See details below!

NEW FOR 2021:  You can earn an additional $20 Extra Pay (in addition to the regular shop pay) for completing a second shop at this same location and/or another location in the same area.

Pay on ALL November and December shops will be provided in 7-14 days to help with holiday shopping!


  • General Info:  This is an evaluation of the on-site / in person Santa photo experience at a mall or shopping location including purchasing a souvenir photo package (Approx. $50).  A reservation and $25 purchase (credit towards actual package) is required in advance. You must bring at least one (1) child age ten (10) years old or younger with you (NO EXCEPTIONS).  At least one of the photos received must be uploaded as part of the shop.  A minimum of three (3) specific pictures of signage and conditions are also required.  You will need to spend approximately 30-60 minutes at the location.  The evaluation is approximately 3 pages long and will take approximately 1 hour to complete.
  • Pay / Reimbursement:
    The pay for this shop is $25.  Additionally, you will be reimbursed for the required photo package which is the largest package they have.  This includes Digital Downloads and seven (7) photo prints:
    • Two 6×8’s
    • Two 4×6’s
    • One 3×5
    • Two Wallet’s
    • One Limited Additional Postcard Photo


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Thanks for your interest and have a safe and happy holiday season!