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Guest Experience Management

Put wheels in motion toward guest loyalty.

Our Guest Experience Management services allow you to put wheels in motion toward boosting guest loyalty. These services are performed on an ongoing basis, and include monitoring loyalty programs, continuously improving service recovery procedures, and using mystery shop data to initiate new guest experience initiatives that will allow you to continuously exceed your guests’ expectations.


Guest Experience SOP Infusion
It’s easy to tell your staff to be nice. It’s easy to tell your staff to smile, make eye contact, and stand up straight. What’s difficult, however, is when the staff is unsure as to why. Developing a service standard is much more than hiring genuinely nice people and expecting them to go above and beyond the guest’s expectation. Without a foundational understanding, you will have an army of friendly staff members that are unknowingly delivering an inferior experience to your guests. Having the service standard infused into the standard operating procedure demonstrates that exceeding the expectation is a fundamental component of their job duties. The guest experience component of the SOP covers the basics to ensure that the baseline can be met and maintained, as well as advanced techniques that result in the expectation being exceeded. Additionally, the Guest Experience Infusion outlines actions that your line level staff can take regarding seeking feedback, and then acting on that feedback, regardless if the guest is deemed satisfied or dissatisfied.


Expectation vs. Experience Analysis
In many industries, particularly the Attractions Industry, there regularly can be a disconnect between Marketing and Operations. Marketing is faced with the challenge of setting the expectation high enough to brings guests in the door, whereas the Operations teams are then expected to exceed the expectation that Marketing has set. If Marketing is focused on driving guests into the business versus driving them to competitors, and Operations is focused on delivering the experience, then a conflict can usually be found as Marketing and Operations do not share the same goal. While every business wants to under-promise and over-deliver, an under-promised expectation may lead to potential guests lacking desire to even visit. The expectation that is set must be irresistibly desirable so that it exceeds the competition, but must also set up Operations for success so they can effectively exceed that expectation. Otherwise, your guests will feel that the expectation that resulted in their visit was unjustified, leading to an unsatisfactory experience.


Loyalty Program Oversight
The purpose of a loyalty program is to drive repeat business from individual guests, while simultaneously incentivizing them to aid in the process of generating new business. This assessment helps determine the effectiveness of current active loyalty programs, as well as the feasibility of new programs that would resonate with current loyal guests.


Recovery Effectiveness Analysis
When a guest is dissatisfied, you have the benefit of going into service recovery mode. If done effectively, you can successfully prove the recovery paradox theory, which suggests that guests will be more satisfied after a recovered service failure than if they had been satisfied with their experience initially. This analysis thoroughly reviews multiple service failures on a monthly basis, and determines how many were effective and how many were ineffective. Suggestions will be provided to increase the success rate of post-service failure satisfaction, and a thorough review of service recovery tools and methods will be conducted so that the staff remains properly empowered to fix issues as they arise.


Onsite Consultation Visit
To ensure continuing enhancement of the guest experience, it is ideal for our consultants to visit our clients at least once per quarter to gauge the effectiveness of our programs. This will allow us to meet with the program’s onsite stakeholders, as well as other key members of staff and management so that we can identify any friction points that need to be greased. This will help us gain a better understanding of your specific business, as we continue to manage the relationship remotely and through mystery shops.