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Guest Feedback Management

Use feedback to drive change.

Without feedback from guests, you will be left in the dark for how your guests are responding to the experience you deliver. In order to continually understand and act on quantifiable demand, you must have consistent procedures in place for measuring guest feedback and benchmarking it against appropriate standards. The Guest Feedback Management services are conducted on an ongoing basis so that you can continue to strive to seek more feedback from guests to regularly gain critical information.


Communication Channels Analysis
The Communication Channels Analysis is intended to understand the flow from when a guest has an initial thought that they may want to communicate, to how it is communicated and what is done about it.  More specifically, this report would do the following:

  • ​Analyze & provide recommendations for the way feedback is passively collected onsite
  • Analyze & provide recommendations for active feedback solicitation onsite, including guest incentives for surveys
  • Analyze & provide recommendations for the ease in ability for guests to submit feedback offsite, via phone, email, and letter
  • Analyze the “comment process” and provide recommendations for how feedback is aggregated and then put to use
  • Provide general thoughts on TripAdvisor and Yelp page, which may lead to additional actions and recommendations
  • Analyze and provide recommendations for how guests are influenced to post positive reviews online
If the communication channels for guest feedback do not allow for a seamless exchange of information, guests are more likely to post a negative review online, which will deter future potential guests from visiting.
Macro Analysis & Creation
Guests can be easily misled, or sense the wrong impression, especially in writing. For that reason, it is essential that you have standards in your writing style, as well as preset verbiage, or macros, that allows your response time to be more efficient, while simultaneously replying to the guest’s request or concern appropriately. Additionally, when offering an apology for a service failure, you may be inadvertently claiming responsibility for factors that may have been out of your control, along with admitting defeat when the conversation could have been left open. Having a structured format for emails, letters, and online responses demonstrates a high standard of professionalism within your correspondence staff, and offers a quick and concise reply to frequently asked questions, or frequent complaints. 
Internal Feedback Analysis

If your staff is effectively seeking feedback from guests, and the communication channels offer guests seamless access to submit feedback internally, you should experience a sustained spike in feedback that guests give directly to you, before they take to social media. This feedback can come through the channels of in person, phone, letter, email, comment cards, surveys, or other means of collecting internal feedback. It is vital to understand quantifiable demand, which identifies the main topics that guests have expressed praise or concern. By understanding how each department, venue, and outlet affects your guests and in what way, you are equipped to take strategic action that will directly improve the guest experience.


Public Feedback Analysis

Internal feedback provides you with notable actions to improve the guest experience, and public feedback is what factors into the destination selection process. This analysis also provides actionable solutions geared towards improving business operations, but because the feedback is publicly available, this directly affects your attendance. 87% of travelers are heavily influenced by online reviews when making their travel decisions , so it is imperative that you understand your online social media presence and take corrective action, and properly direct more satisfied visitors to websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp so that they promote your business to the world.


Public Feedback Competitive Analysis

Are you driving business to you, or to your competitors? The Public Feedback Competitive Analysis is an extension of the Public Feedback Analysis. The competitive analysis reports on competing and/or comparable businesses to determine what departments and types of comments your competitors receive as they relate to your own business. Where are you excelling and where are you falling behind, and as a result, giving your competitors business that you should have yourself? This is crucial information to have when managing the expectation so that you win the destination selection process.


Public Feedback Response

In addition to understanding what your guests are saying online, it is vital to be communicating with them. While positive public feedback can simply be responded to with an appreciation for the comment, negative feedback needs a swift reply to convert the conversation to a private channel so that the process of service recovery can begin and the guest can become satisfied once again. While our services include developing macro responses that your management or marketing team can use on social media websites, we can also relieve you of the time burden of replying to messages, by posting on your behalf.