Exclusive partner to the attractions industry since 1996.

Summary – Amusement Advantage provides guest experience solutions to the attractions industry.  This includes various market research tools such as mystery shopping exit/intercept surveys and phone/online/emails surveys along with various on-site and remote consulting and analysis.  Many programs monitor guest satisfaction, cleanliness, safety and loss prevention.  When utilizing mystery shopping reports, Amusement Advantage creates a custom-tailored program for each client using industry standard and facility specific criteria.  The detailed feedback comes in the form of a comprehensive report (often exceeding 10 pages per visit to the facility) which is provided to the client within 48-72 hours of the Independent Contractor mystery shopper visiting their facility.  Clients then use the results to make changes in their facility and enhance their training and staff development initiatives.  Many clients incorporate the mystery shopper’s results with employee inventive programs to identify and reward those employees who make a difference.  Additional services such as on-the-spot employee recognition, digital photos, targeted group sales, full Birthday party evaluations, recorded phone calls, and custom online summary and comparison reporting are utilized by some clients.

Specialization – Amusement Advantage is the only Guest Experience Solution provider working exclusively with the attractions Industry.  The company’s experience and dedication to the attractions industry, and the unique challenges associated with research programs within these environments is the cornerstone of client relationships.  The company has worked with over 500 attractions including amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, bowling centers, skating centers, aquariums, zoos, science centers, museums and other attractions and tourism related activities and facilities.

Mission Statement – Amusement Advantage is committed to providing the amusement industry with a critical look at guest service through cost-effective guest experience solutions including mystery shopping solutions, exit survey programs and other services custom-tailored to meet each facility’s specific needs.

Technology – Technology, including custom web-reporting capabilities, digital photos and audio files of recorded phone calls are powerful and important tools that enable Amusement Advantage to provide clients with high-quality market research and consulting services.

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