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Historical Reporting

Want more data? We can do that!

Business Team at ComputerHistorical Reporting is available on our website via secure client login. You can easily create, view and print custom reports for any date range to compare/summarize results by question, section or facility. You can also export reports to excel to combine with other metrics.

Custom Development – We are eager to create and develop any additional custom online report you need for your operation. We can also provide custom one-time reports in excel on an ad-hoc basis.


  • Unlimited logins for each customer
  • Real-time custom report creation
  • Hyperlink drill-down navigation
  • Easy on-screen viewing and printing
  • Isolate problems and developmental areas
  • Analyze trends and recurring issues
  • Compare reports, months, quarters side by side
  • Comparison reporting for similar locations
  • Section exclusion / inclusion options
  • New report options and development available

Sample Reports:

  • Yearly Summary/Comparison
  • Quarterly Summary/Comparison
  • Monthly Summary/Comparison
  • Detail Summary/Comparison
  • Multi-Site Summary/Comparison
  • Similar Location Comparison

Coming Soon:

  • Client Dashboard
  • Question Exception/Summary
  • Section Exception/Summary
  • Net Promoter Industry Comparison
  • Industry Benchmark