Contractor/Shopper Reviews

Don't believe us, here's what other contractors/shoppers are saying:

“It was extremely helpful to have the scheduler do a phone conversation with me before my first shop. She walked me step-by-step through the most important details of the evaluation so I did not make mistakes. The editor was quick to review the report and give me feedback. I am very appreciative of the good communication from Amusement Advantage, including the option of live chat and telephone operators to talk to if I had any issues.” – Lois 5/26/24

“The instructions were clear and it was easy to understand and communicate. I will be doing more shops for this company as they come.” – Abel 5/23/24

“I’m excited to have had this opportunity! Thank you for making the process easy and fun. I’m so relieved that my report was acceptable and I’m looking forward to improving my skills as I complete more assignments!” – Ashley 5/23/24

“This company’s shops take a lot of work but they provide tremendous hep and support.” – Junemarie 5/19/24

“Everything involved in this Process was fair and precise. From the scheduler to the editor, all was very well orchestrated and promptly executed. Thank you.” – Nicolas 5/18/24

“The feedback was helpful from my first shop. Everyone I have emailed, have been supportive.” – Cleta 5/17/24

“I highly recommend amusement advantage. The rater was helpful especially it being my first shop with them. The shop was a fun experience and they always have a lot of listings to choose from.” – Margarita 5/15/24

“It was great working with everyone! It was nice that the scheduler called and talked to me about the shop and answered any questions I had! I was able to call on-site about an issue and got that taken care of right away. The editor got back with my shop grade quickly! I had a great experience” – Jennifer 5/11/24

“My first shop with them went great. They called a day before to explain everything and see if I had questions. When filing out the survey I had to call them and they were very helpful and professional.” – Jessica 5/4/24

“Good communication and great follow up” – Al 5/3/24

“The Amusement Advantage team were very helpful and provided very easy to follow directives. Making assignments easy and fun to complete. Great job, can’t wait to complete more assignments with this team!” – Gregoria 4/30/24

“Overall, the scheduler was readily available and helpful in explaining the requirements of the assignment. The editor responded promptly to my reply.” – Salama 4/29/24

“This was my first shop for Amusement Advantage. I am quite pleased, particularly with the assignment process. I was able to submit my responses without issue thanks to the clear instructions given to me by the scheduler. I also appreciated the scheduler’s availability if I needed it. Thank you!” – Josephine 4/28/24

“This was a fun experience. Honestly, everyone I encountered was great. The scheduler was informative and friendly. I was provided everything I needed to complete the shop. I didn’t have too many questions. I called when I got to the theater because I thought I did, but it turns out I didn’t need to. But the lady who answered the phone was friendly and informative. While completing my report, I used the chat for a question that I had, and I must have started the chat when everyone was gone, but I did see that they answered my question. The editor was also friendly and let me know of my edits in a timely manner. Thank you.” – Pololani 4/27/24

“Every time I had any issue, they were answered immediately. Everyone has been extremely helpful on the instant chat. I enjoyed do this shop and would be pleased to do another one” – Katessa 4/25/24

“The process was great. I was guided throughout the process.” – Heer 4/16/24

“I was well informed and guided throughout the shopping process.” – Alena 4/14/24

“I love the fact that you were available on the spot when needed. There was no frustration on the scheduler’s part– very helpful, very patient. When trying to verify what needed to be done, it was clarified very easily from the scheduler. I appreciate all the help with this first shop. I look forward to doing more.” – Christine 4/4/24

“The reports are fair and the communication with the scheduler is great. Thanks!” – Brigitte 3/29/24

“Smooth process, excellent and timely communication, and a rewarding opportunity to provide feedback and help companies improve overall experience for both their customers and employees.” – Farrah 3/23/24

“Everyone I dealt with was awesome! Everyone is friendly and helpful! Enjoyed doing the theater shop! It was a lot of fun!!” – Mona 3/19/24

“Thank you for your flexibility and letting me reschedule to the next day. I also appreciate that you have live support the day of the shop to help when something unexpected happens, which in my case was the theater’s website having issues.” – Andrea 3/10/24

“This was my first experience with this, and I was very surprised at how much support I received.” – Lindy 3/9/24

“Wow, I forgot how lovely it is to work with Amusement Advantage. Your staff is stellar and easy to communicate with. If something is missing or otherwise needed, the staff is kind and informative. Thank You All!” – Aasia 3/8/24

“The process was well laid out, and fairly intuitive to navigate. I encountered an unforeseen hiccup and communication with all parties was fantastic and consistent throughout. I look forward to future assignments and when appropriate, will recommend to others.” – Chris 3/1/24

“I received help with issues and questions relatively quick from staff. The guidance I received was very helpful. There are a few lessons I learned during my first shopping experience that will make it easier to complete a shop evaluation quicker next time.” – Shawna 2/25/24

“The scheduler was kind enough to email me about the questions I missed to ensure I knew what was needed. The editor provided feedback and offered more shops. Delightful experience. Thank you.” – Kimberly 2/25/24

“This was my first shop with Amusement Advantage. I have been working as a contracted evaluator/mystery shopper for over 2 years with many different companies. The scheduler set me up for success with elaborative instructions followed by an efficient phone call. I do think the information provided for this shop could have been outlined on a more digestible client objectives sheet that is easier on the eyes. Nonetheless, all the information was thorough, concise, and made me feel confident going into the assignment. Thank you, for your expertise and for giving me this opportunity.” – Joan 2/24/24

“It was easy receiving help to my questions. The response time was quick and each person I spoke with was friendly.” – Ruth 2/22/24

“The overall process of scheduling is very easy. I especially like my scheduler. She is very helpful and very prompt to respond in case of any questions or concerns.” – Ash 2/22/24

“This is THE BEST Mystery Shopping Company! Schedulers are quick with responses to questions. Instructions are thorough and precise. Instructions are easy to understand. Editors are quick with the turn-around and scoring the reports.” – Connie 2/17/24

“This is a great opportunity to have fun while also making extra money! Thank you for the opportunity!” – Royal 2/14/24

“Everyone is very helpful and professional!” – Carla 2/17/24

“This was my first shop completed. The team helped prepare me via phone. I fumbled a bit with it with picturea. Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to more.” – Justine 2/11/24

“Wonderful help and great shop. Would recommend over and over!” – Clarissa 2/10/24

“I always enjoy these shops as I get my steps in and I get a nice payment! Turnaround time is pretty quick also.”- Jennifer 2/10/24

“I enjoyed doing this movie theater shop because going to the movies has always been a family activity that we would do often. The scheduler that was assisting me was very helpful and answered all the questions that I had and I look forward to doing the next one.”- Valencia 2/5/24

“I was very pleased with the assistance and the feedback, the forms were was to navigate I will conduct more shops and refer others.” – Carlton 2/5/24

“This was an enjoyable assignment. It’s a lot of information to record, but the instructions are clear. If I have time to spare, I will absolutely do another.”- Jason 2/4/24

“Thanks for the opportunity to evaluate. The communication was excellent with the scheduler. I appreciate the feedback and details. Thank you!” – Alexandra 1/27/24

“I appreciate the quick, professional response of the need for rescheduling as well as recognizing weather delays preventing timely delivery of the vouchers, I never felt pressured or stressed. The editing comments helped me hone in to what I needed to improve for the next shop. All things considered, this mystery shop experience has been one of the best ever – and I do work for quite a few different mystery shopping companies.” – Susan 1/21/24

“The team is so easy to work with and so responsive! Best group of schedulers and editors!” – Angie 1/20/24

“Excellent communication from the scheduler and a well-designed form to enter the information made this a very enjoyable shop. Thank you!” – Amy 1/17/24

“Love working with the editors and staff! They are so helpful . I appreciate the opportunity.”  – Shea 1/15/24

“This was a great shop for my first time! I had fun and I will definitely do another. Thank you for working with me!” – Courtney 1/13/24

“I appreciate the preparation call and opportunities to ask any questions. The team is extremely responsive which allowed me to feel confident in my approach to this shop. I’m looking forward to doing more of these shops. Thank you!” – Inetri 12/23/23

“I appreciate how fast this whole thing was setup for me. I found this opportunity just a couple of hours before start time. Thank you again and I looked forward to more opportunities.” – Dustin 12/9/23

“Thank you so much for such an amazing grade and the opportunity to complete the job. I’m really happy with the shop I made and would love to continue working with you.” – Martha 12/7/23

“I love the attention you guys give your shoppers” – Tyisha 12/6/23

“The shopper instructions were very detailed and everyone I spoke with on the phone throughout the process were friendly and helpful.” – Catrina 12/3/23

“My experience shopping for Amusement Advantage was awesome! The guidelines were easy to follow & when I had a question, the team was easy to contact and was available to help 7 days a week!” – Wendy 11/29/23

“This was a great first shop to complete. Thanks!” – Airelle 11/27/23

“Customer service is tops, available and helpful. Editors offer helpful comments in a timely manner.” – Judith 11/26/23

“The communication and scheduling was great for this job.” – Melanie 11/12/23

“I really appreciate the quick and detailed responses from everyone involved. The job descriptions were thorough and easy to follow. This was a great experience and I really look forward to many more. This was my first mystery shopping experience and I can see I need to improve in a few areas but I am excited to be a part of this program. Thank you” – Sophay 11/5/23

“I really appreciate that there was someone there to answer questions that arose while I was conducting the shop. It relieved a lot of pressure of “what if I mess something up” thank you!!” – Willow 11/3/23

“I am so so glad I found Amusement Advantage. Since I found them I barely take on shops from anyone else. Their communication is professional and clear. I have received payments on time and every time I go to evaluate a location I have been given exactly what’s expected of me, which helps me do a better job. I would absolutely take on other shops from AA and I have already recommended them to family members and close fiends.” – Mary 10/31/23

“Schedulers and Editors are very attentive and provide great feedback for improvement.” – Sarah 9/16/23

“For my first shop, this was a very good experience. I really appreciated being able to speak with someone on the “urgent” line when it was difficult finding the 4th employee. I look forward to my next shop. Thanks” – Ilene 9/14/23

“It took me some time to complete Final Evaluations and know exactly what to write to complete tasks. With the help and guidance from my scheduler and feedback from the editors, I feel comfortable doing the shops. I have the flexibility to pick and choose the assignments and see if it is suitable in my agenda. At first, I did not understand how I would get reimbursed or paid for the shops. I have received payment for my assignments and trust the process. I feel that Amusement Advantage is a good company with high standards and integrity. I look forward to more shops in the future and venture into doing assignments in different states.” – Rosa 8/20/23

“Amazing experience!” – Ashlee 8/20/23

“This was my first shop with Amusement Advantage and it will not be my last. The Scheduler and Editor were great at directing me through the shopping process. I felt that I had the support I needed to be successful. I will definitely recommend others.” – Robin 8/20/23

“The experience with the editor was much better than a lot of other companies I shop for! Great experience overall, will definitely keep working with AA.” – Chelsea 8/19/23

“Another great shop, not only was being at the trampoline park fun and a huge stress reliver, but the professionalism of the Amusement Advantage team is off the charts. From scheduling to editing the team is not just professional, but relatable. Thank you again for the opportunity.” – Ann 8/13/23

“I was given assistance to complete assignment and questions answered in a quick fashion. Feedback and guidance before shop to understand requirements and references to finish report with ease. I am learning how to complete assignments and it is easier to know what is required in order to process reports.” – Rosa 8/9/23

“Everything was very easy to understand and reply to. The design of the web page was helpful when it came to answering each section of questions.” – Arch 7/22/23

“I think the compensation is pretty fair for the amount of work and entertainment experienced. The communication was very helpful and prompt responses.” – Ana 7/16/23

“I appreciate the positive and quick feedback from the editor on my first shop. The scheduler was awesome! I feel like the checklist provided with the shop was incredibly helpful. This was a fun project and I look forward to many more ahead.”  – Katherine 7/16/23

“Amusement Advantage has an incredible staff. There is a number that you can call during a shop (which I have utilized!) if an issue arises. This shows me that they want me to be successful during my shop. I appreciate how willing the schedulers are to contact me before my shop to make sure I have everything I need and that I understand everything.” – Jonathan 7/8/23

“Incredibly fun assignments across a wide range of sectors, with easy reports and wonderful, helpful.staff. If you love movies, science centers, bowling, aquariums, zoos, and so many other activities, become an Amusement Advantage shopper!” – Charlene 7/7/23

“It was a pleasure working with the company. The scheduler and the editor both were open to communicating and quick with responses.” – Shavon 6/29/23

“I enjoy working with the staff from Amusement Advantage. Fun shops and great feedback. I will definitely welcome more opportunities to complete jobs for the group.” – Jennifer 6/14/23

“When I had a non-urgent question, I received an email response quickly. In the past when I have had an urgent question, I have been able to contact someone immediately and receive quick answers in a timely manner. The staff, with whom I have interacted, have all been friendly and helpful.” -Brenda 6/13/23

“They have great communication. It was nice to be able to reach a live person when I was on site to answer a question.” -Lauren 6/3/23

“This was my first shop, and I am impressed with the organization and flow of the reporting and evaluation process. When in the website and completing the forms, I think the evaluations were very user friendly and self explanatory. Thank you for all the work and planning that went into making the site. Also thank you for how quickly the responses have been when I had a question and when my report was submitted.” – Amy 5/31/23

“I really enjoyed my first experience working with this wonderful team. Thanks everyone” – Sana 5/28/23

“The chat feature, for an issue I had during the shop, was amazing. No other shopping company is that accessible, and I wish they were.”  – Rich 5/28/2023

“I am thankful that Amusement Advantage offers all the feedback and written reviews. This is helpful for the shopper, and this is the only company that I have seen do this. Thank you for your constructive criticism and recommendations. They are truly helpful.” – Lisa 5/26/23

“I appreciate the one-on-one attention that your scheduler and support staff provides. Thanks to the thorough guidelines and personal LIVE conversation I felt very prepared for my first assignment. When completing the report, I found having a live human at the end of a phone number very helpful. Your process makes me want to provide the most excellent product possible. There really are no excuses when you are given such resources. I am so excited to see what comes next.” – Shondia 5/13/23

“I really love how comprehensive the instructions are, and the fact that instructions are clear and concise and give guidance for every eventuality, such as if the movie is sold out, etc. etc. It’s so refreshing to have clear guidance and good instructions, especially when you first start out with a new type of shop and you’re unsure of the best way to do it. This really makes me want to do more and more shops for this company. Thank you for being so good at this.” – Julie 4/22/23

“Amusement Advantage was very understanding about my first shop, and they showed a true desire to help me. Thank you!” – Hannah 4/20/23

“Very responsive, great feedback, great grading criteria.”  – Stephanie 4/19/2023

“I have really appreciated the support and quick responses I have received from everyone at Amusement Advantage. It has been a very positive experience and I have already referred people to sign up with them. I will be happy to continue to complete assignments with this company and wonderful staff of schedulers and editors.”  – Allyson 3/29/2023

“After completing my first assignment with Amusement Advantage, I am confident that I will perform another shop and recommend the opportunity to others. Support was available at every step and immediately! The support received from having to reschedule to contact during the evaluation and then making requested edits after, was superior to other companies. I really enjoyed conducting this shop and felt supported from all those I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with throughout my fist assignment.”  – Allison 3/28/2023

“Thank you so much for always being so willing to answer questions and for have a number to call anytime during the shop! Not every company has that and it’s so useful for unusual circumstances that arise.”  – Alexandria 3/26/2023

“You guys were great to work with. I had great instructions and great help. Thanks again.”  – Katie 3/25/2023

“An excellent opportunity. Looking forward to conducting more assignments .”  – Michele 3/23/2023

“Everything was great. I love doing shops with this company. I don’t have a lot of time, but when I do, it is fun.”  – Shelly 3/20/2023

“Easy process to find and apply for jobs. Clear and concise expectations and directions for the shop.”  – Tricia 3/19/2023

“This was my first shop, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The shop instructions were a bit intimidating at first, but turned out to be the most helpful tool throughout my shop calls and shop report. The immediate feedback after submitting the grading forms was very helpful. And the criteria breakdown from the completed shop grade was highly informative. Overall the communication from your team was excellent. I feel confident that I can provide more sufficient employee interaction and narrative for my next shop. Thank you.”  – Mica 3/13/2023

“I really love how Amusement Advantage handles the business. Having the scheduler contact us before completing the task is extremely helpful. It helped clarify everything, which resulted in a very smooth shop. And the editor also communicated effectively when needed and graded my shop very quickly. Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to completing more shops with you.”  – Eduarda 3/13/2023

“Thank you so much for the fun opportunities. I look forward to my next shop, and I’ve already recommended a friend to your company.”  – Shannon 3/8/2023

“I am very appreciative to my scheduler & the team that assisted in this process. Very organized, efficient regarding communication & overall from start to finish. Another standout aspect was the amount of personalized attention made on my behalf. The thorough attention to detail while also making me feel comfortable & appreciated was 100% motivating & powerful in the sense of wanting to do my best, taking this very seriously & matching the consideration & kindness that I have received.”  – Nanea 3/4/2023

“I have been and continue to be impressed by the professionalism and quality of the employees, staff, and contractors associated with Amusement Advantage. Although the platform is different than others and takes some familiarization, once understood, the platform is far superior to other evaluation platforms. Moreover, the assignments are both entertaining and of great quality. Keep up the GREAT work!”  – Joe 2/27/2023

“A very efficient process with great communication.”  – Ryan 2/23/2023

“I had excellent responses from the people at Amusement Advantage. Very easy people to work with. I look forward to future interactions.”  – Ann 2/22/2023

“Enjoyable experience, when I had to call helpline about issue they were very communicative and understanding in why I was not able to complete some parts, and we problem solved a way to continue the shop as well.”  – Miranda 2/14/2023

“I have been very impressed with Amusement Advantage from the schedulers to the editors. Their willingness to assist in the process of completing the shop is awesome. Thank you!”  – Regina 2/7/2023

“This company and their schedulers and editors are the best! They explain everything!!!”  – Debbie 2/6/2023

“My scheduler was phenomenal! She explained the process and made the experience enjoyable. I’m looking forward to future shops!”  – Deborah 12/4/2022

“Communication was quick, clear, and flexible!”  – Anne 11/30/2022

“I love the shops that are offered through Amusement Advantage! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.”  – Cynthia 11/29/2022

“Incredibly interesting assignments, with a host of locations ranging from cultural institutions to recreational facilities, all of the associates with whom I’ve dealt, whether as schedulers or editors, have been friendly, helpful, and informative. The forms are easy to understand and can be filled out using your phone or a smaller digital device while on-site. I’ve recommended the company to others, and they’ve signed up, which is always a good indicator of how easy and fun working with Amusement Advantage is.”  – Charlene 11/26/2022

“I really enjoy working for Amusement Advantage. Thank you for making it an enjoyable experience.”  – Celine 11/26/2022

“The instructions are always very specific on what is needed. They require detailed reports but you know exactly what you should be looking for and noting. The schedulers and support staff are always responsive and professional.”  – Junemarie 11/1/2022

“Always a pleasure completing shops for Amusement Advantage! Schedulers and Editors are great to work with. They are always prompt and polite!”  – Angela 10/24/2022

“Everyone I worked with on this shop was great. I’ve already sent a referral email to my daughter to sign up.”  – Sherrie 10/19/2022

“Everyone was very responsive to my questions when I had them and communication was very open. The form was very intuitive and easy to get through, providing enough information to allow me to be as detailed as needed. Great company to work with!”  – Nicholas 10/5/2022

“I am so pleased with the constructive criticism I received from the editor. They were so nice and I just really appreciate the people who contacted me so that I could submit the proper report with the proper pictures. Thank you!”  – Andrea 10/5/2022

“Scheduler was extremely helpful and understanding when I asked to switch my day from a Saturday to a Sunday based on the upcoming weather. Great communicator!”  – Samantha 9/14/2022

“Smooth scheduling. Smooth handling of my call while on-site as to an aspect of the location that I was unable to review.”  – Ben 9/13/2022

“I enjoyed working with the entire team to schedule and complete this shop. Everyone I interacted with was professional, supportive, and quick to respond to my emails.”  – Olivia 9/13/2022

“I have worked for and/or with around ten different mystery shopping administration firms. None of them are in the same league as Amusement Advantage. Their work in the areas of scheduling, editing, and administration are outstanding. The shopper support they provide is unbelievable. I feel as if I am a valued and trusted member of their team. The ownership and pride I have always taken in my work (and other activities) is more prevalent in my work for AA than for any other firm because every member of their team puts forth their best effort every single day. I love working for AA.”  – John 8/28/2022

“The communication between the schedulers was clear, timely and helpful for the successful completion of this assignment. Awesome company to work for.”  – Sabrina 8/14/2022

“I really appreciate the support available during and after the shop. I love the chat feature available while completing the report. It is so helpful to be able to contact someone when I have a question. Every shop is a little different, and it is great to have help with all the variables that it would be impossible to cover in the guidelines and shop instructions.”  – Donna 8/10/2022

“The scheduler and editor are extremely helpful. I love doing these shops. Great company to work for, I recommend to anyone whom maybe interested.”  – Laura 7/25/2022

“I enjoyed my first shop with Amusement Advantage. The process was straightforward and not overly complicated. My scheduler was very responsive via email, and the communications I received were clear.”  – Olivia 7/21/2022

“The communication on completing this shop, details, and expectations were amazing. Great job!!!”  – Tiffany 7/18/2022

“Great assignments, friendly, helpful schedulers, and smart, focused editors make for an excellent shopper experience.”  – Charlene 7/13/2022

“I have never seen a mystery shop company provide this much support as Amusement Advantage. The staff is professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. Everything was spelled out in the instructions and very easy to understand. The availability of staff for assistance was awesome. Thank you soo much!”  – Christopher 7/10/2022

“Amusement Advantage has a good variety of fun and enjoyable shops. I have been a shopper with Amusement Advantage and other Sassie companies for several years and I always make sure to check out Amusement Advantage for the exclusive shops they offer. Working with my rep is easy and she is very responsive. Guidelines are typically easy to understand though there always is a little detail that requires further explanation due to COVID and unforeseen circumstances. Amusement Advantage is understanding and really works with me to get a positive shop experience.” – Philip 7/7/2022

“The scheduler and editors on this project did an amazing job communicating with me via email and phone for my assignment. They made the process less terrifying and gave ample support and time. I appreciate the efforts of the team as this is my first shop.”  – Alexis 6/29/2022

“It was a pleasure working with everyone. I really appreciated the availability to call if I had any questions. I look forward to working with everyone again in the near future.”  – Nate 6/28/2022

“The process for signing up to the scheduler walking me through the shop procedure/steps has been easy and a positive experience.”  – Danielle 6/28/2022

“The scheduler was responsive to and gracious with my newbie questions. The editor provided quality feedback with clear, concise comments. The process was easy to navigate. My first shop was rather involved, and the assistance I was given was greatly appreciated. I plan to do more shopping soon! I will definitely recommend others to this company.”  – Tim 6/27/2022

“The process is fairly straightforward, I appreciate the availability of the support from the AA team.”  – Nicole 6/23/2022

“When I had questions during the shop, I was able to call the 800 number and get immediate answers. The company was very professional to work with and clear and consistent in expectations. The form to fill out was easy to use and directions were clear.”  – Stephanie 6/21/2022

“Scheduler was fantastic with excellent communication and instruction. The editor was responsive and asking for additional information. Although amusement advantage reports require extensive details and writing, they are worth the time for the payment received.”  – Junemarie 5/17/2022

“It was easy to sign up for a shop with AA. I received an extremely prompt response from the scheduler after applying for a shop, followed by a phone call to go over specific details. The shop instructions were clear and easy to follow. After submitting my results I was contacted by the editor in less than 24 hours to make one change to my submission. After making the change the shop was approved quickly. I would be comfortable recommending AA to other potential shoppers and would be pleased to complete future assignments for this company.”  – Jonathan 5/17/2022

“I am in awe of your organization. Your professionalism, shopper support, and willingness to reach out to me (not to mention actually speak to me on the phone!) are unheard of in this industry. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and for making my first shop a success.”  – John 5/16/2022

“Amusement Advantage offers truly fun assignments with good pay and easy instructions. Both the schedulers and the editors are great, with both being easy to work with and readily available should you have a question or concern. I’ve worked as a shopper for this company for 10+ years and have enjoyed all of the assignments I performed. I feel comfortable recommending others to shop for Amusement Advantage.”  – Charlene 5/9/2022

“The instructions were easy to understand and follow. I was scheduled with enough time to prepare to make the visit and to follow the instructions. I have recommended others to work for Amusement Advantage because it is easy to work for and they offer proper payment for shops. I will continue to work for Amusement Advantage.”  – Abel 4/29/2022

“The entire process was easy to understand, my assignment was easy to understand. Overall, it was fun to complete. I enjoyed working with Amusement Advantage and I will definitely recommend to my friends.”  – Daniela 4/20/2022

“Everything about Amusement Advantage and the team I work with is first class! Thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness to all questions and concerns. You are THE BEST!”  – Mary 3/18/2022

“I really enjoyed completing this shop. It integrates many things I already do when I visit entertainment offerings and the instructions were very clear and concise. As this was my first shop I now know how to improve and what to look for and am eagerly looking for the next opportunity!”  – Nicholas 1/31/2022

“I had a great experience working with Amusement Advantage. The editors were very helpful and made sure to communicate required information needed. I appreciated the opportunity to edit and correct my survey on time, and I would definitely conduct more shops in the near future.”  – Monica 1/26/2022

“The scheduler was absolutely great about communication and was very punctual. Looking forward to another shop! .”  – Serena 1/25/2022

“I continue to be impressed with the professionalism and support I receive from your scheduler and others when I am requesting and completing shops with Amusement Advantage. When I have a question, my inquiries are answered ASAP, politely and thoroughly. Almost no other company I shop with explains ahead of time exactly what procedures need to be cone to complete the shop effectively and accurately, along with exactly how much I can expect to receive in compensation. Citing the scheduler again, she is an exceptional recruiter/scheduler/editor/support/mentor/etc. I am impressed with all aspects of the shopping process with your company.”  – David 1/16/2022

“These people are so easy to work with and the assignments are fun. I look forward to the next one. Thanks for your help.”  – Lisa 1/13/2022

“I had a great first shopping experience, and I look forward to many more!.”  – Joseph 12/28/2021

“Great experience, very helpful whenever I had additional questions. No concerns.”  – Alexandra 12/24/2021

“Thank you for providing clear instructions for this shop. The visit itself took time and the report was lengthy, but not difficult because the guidance provided made it easy to understand what tasks needed to be accomplished. As a shopper, this is greatly appreciated.”  – Mary 12/19/2021

“My experience with your company has always been positive. Communication has been excellent, and I truly enjoy working with you.”  – Cynthia 12/19/2021

“This is a great company to shop for all the way around!”  – Michelle 12/18/2021

“The scheduler is awesome and always on top of her game. She makes sure I am aware of opportunities in my area and is willing to ad bonuses when possible to make the shops more lucrative for me. I appreciate her attention to detail and effort on behalf of the shoppers.”  – Emma 12/5/2021

“Thank you for being so accommodating, and quick to respond. It makes all the difference, and I appreciate it!”  – Christine 11/30/2021

“The guidelines for this shop were clear and easy to follow. Reminder emails were helpful and well timed. Graded report had a fast turn around time with useful feedback for me. This was a positive experience for me, thank you!”  – Caitlin 11/28/2021

“My scheduler was prompt, professional, and responded quickly with all of my ‘newbie’ questions. I received prompt, supportive editing commentary that helps me improve. Scheduling was easy and editing was received the following day. I am currently looking at my schedule to see if I can fit in another shop.”  – Robert 8/16/2021

“This was a good first shop for me. The responsiveness of support was exceptional! They were pleasant, helpful and quick. The grading system including the rubric and narrative were useful and appreciated. This has been a professional, well organized and pleasant first experience with AA.”  – Heather 8/15/2021

“This shop was very easy to conduct and report on. The scheduling and editing process was straightforward and simple. The scheduler was very helpful in setting up the shop beforehand.”  – Sam 7/28/2021

“The scheduler has always been easy to work with and I have enjoyed all the assignments that I have had.  I also appreciate someone being able to answer questions during the shop, even on the weekends or in the evenings.  The responsiveness is great!”  – Natalie 7/26/2021

“The shop had to be rescheduled due to a sellout.  Then I had to purchase in advance at the location.  Shanna was excellent in keeping the communication up to date with the moment.  She is an excellent scheduler.  I work with several other companies and Shanna excels in timely responses and communication.”  – Michelle 7/11/2021

“Any follow-up from the schedulers was positive and timely.  My report was graded quickly and with meaningful feedback.  Thank you for a great experience!.”  – Sherry 7/11/2021

“Everyone I dealt with was all very professional and patient.  I took a long hiatus from shopping due to the pandemic.  I am so grateful to be working again.  I am a little rusty but all the schedulers were very kind and understanding.  They made the experience less stressful by giving me clear directly and being available.”  – Jaclyn 7/9/2021

“Most friendly/prompt communication I’ve seen out of any mystery shopping company I’ve worked for! Everyone from the scheduler to the editor is very helpful, and the speed at which replies and feedback are given is really great. I’m looking forward to more shops with you and doing better!!”  – Dua 6/14/2021

“This was my third shop and from the start the process has been easy to understand. The scheduler and editor’s have been super great to work with and anytime I have a question they are answered immediately. I hope to be able to do a lot more shops in the future.”  – Jennifer 4/20/2021

“Amusement Advantage is a pleasure to work with due to the high level of professionalism that is consistent at every level of the organization. The schedulers are flexible and respectful in finding work that meets both the company and shopper’s needs. The editors are fair and always provide positive and constructive feedback where needed.”  – Donna 4/14/2021

“Amusement Advantage is a wonderful company to shop for. The support options are so helpful, the editors, schedulers and support team always make me feel valued and reassured. The organization methods regarding the search for available shops, the scheduling of shops, and time frame for entering is very valuable to me as a shopper. I truly value working here.”  – Dana 4/12/2021

“I love how understanding each scheduler is when I ever come across an issue. This company offers so many great shops and the benefits are a plus. Benefits such as mileage, extra bonus pay, etc. Also scheduler and editor are very fast, they grade right away and they are very genuine with their editing.”  – Shaira 3/28/2021

“The schedulers are responsive when I need to talk to them I usually hear back within hours. They are also really good at clarifying any points for which I need more information, and they don’t make me feel silly for asking. They are encouraging and make me feel glad I shop for this company.”  – Deborah 3/21/2021

“I was extremely impressed with the process for conducting shops with Amusement Advantage.  Communication is excellent before, during (in this case), and after.  I learned a lot on this shop and will do some things different next time. For example, I need to find an app that tracks my route walking so it will save time later. I also need to practice using my camera taking secret people shots.  I took several shots that didn’t come out. Thanks for a good first experience.”  – Tina
“This was such a fun shop and I had a great time doing this assignment. Everybody  at the company was helpful in making sure that they could answer all my questions and I was excited to complete this assignment as well as fill out the report. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.” – Shashank
“The staff is easy to work with and I get timely feedback to help improve the quality of my shops.  I wish there were more shops that I could do as an individual.” – Rebecca
“Working with the scheduler has been a breeze. The shop was fun! I look forward to many more adventures.” – Sabrina
“The scheduler and editor were exceptional! This was my first assignment and they patiently walked me through the entire process!  I had some trouble with my being set in my ways regarding work ethics of others, and they gave some really good advice on how to keep improving. The criticism was very constructive and helpful! The emails were great reminders and very polite. The scheduler was extremely helpful and responded quickly with my chat.  I didn’t feel belittled or looked down upon by any of them. Thank you for making my first assignment memorable!”  – Barbara
“These jobs do require lots of work but I’m grateful for wonderful editor, scheduler, and facility. Fun shop. Editor great at communication for editing. Scheduler awesome at scheduling. Loved everyone who helped make this possible. Thanks for all your help.” – Kathryn
“I have no suggestions for improvement as the communication is always, professional with consistent encouragement to contact the scheduler with any questions. Clarifications are timely and easy to understand. One of the best companies in the industry due to the quality of its employees.” – Donna
“Thank you all for being so willing to answer questions when needed!” – Stephanie
“Amusement advantage is top notch when it comes to scheduling, assistance before the shop and evaluating the report. I love the fact that they have “chat” available for any questions I have before or during the shop. Feedback in the evaluation process is also very helpful.” – Janet
“The scheduler is very approachable and prompt in her responses. She has been accommodating without sacrificing report quality.” – Stephanie
“I’ve had great communication with my scheduler and the shop expectations were clear and  precise. Do to precise expectations, the guidelines were easy to follow during the shop. I look forward to future shops.” – Melissa
“It was easier than I expected. For my first time, I loved the experience. The scheduler responded immediately to get me set up. The editor explained what exactly I needed to add. The entire process was quick and easy.” – Cardea
“All of the staff respond quickly and clearly when questions arise. If you have  an issue including  any and all parts of the shop form they answer right away and are helpful explaining what is needed. When grading the assignment your grade is clearly explained. If the shop is returned for editing they are more than willing to explain the issue. Most of all those that I worked with especially my scheduler and the editors are very patient.  The people that help when your scheduler is not available contact them I immediately. Than you for helping and making me feel welcome and appreciated.” – Lynn
“Thank you all for being so willing to answer questions when needed!” – Elizabeth
“I love doing shops for Amusement Advantage.  I love the great variety of jobs available. I am able to take my grandchildren to so many different places at a fraction of the cost!” – Sharon
“This was my very first mystery shop and everyone AA was so helpful!  Looking forward to more shops in the future.” – Colleen
“The scheduler was very helpful with information about the shop. I felt that instructions were clear.  I received a request for a verification of a time and was thanked for responding quickly by the editor. I received the grading very quickly. I performed the shop on Saturday and submitted late afternoon on Sunday. I had the grade Tuesday morning. I appreciated the comments from the editor and her final grade. I will definitely do more shops and recommend to others.” – Deanna
“It is always great to work with their schedulers! Thank you for the opportunity to take my children to a fun day at “work.” – Brigitte
“Thank you to the editor for your excellent service and professionalism.” – Sandesh
“I thought the amount of information given to me was appropriate.  It was made very clear to me what I was to do when I got to the shop and how it would go.   I really appreciated the feedback from the  editor so I know how to better respond to questions.” – Brandie
“The shop experience was a very positive one for me. I enjoyed the whole process and can’t wait to do so again.” – Christopher
“Directions were easy to follow, and putting in the report was very easy to follow.  Pay is good, but the opportunity to do something you might not take the time to do is great.  I found it all an easy shop to do, both participating in the tour and responding and answering the questions in each section.  Thank you for the opportunity.” – Sande
“Professional and rapid response times. Thanks for detailed feedback and helping me get better.” – Cynthia
“The feedback process was quick and detailed and provided everything I needed to understand how my work was appraised and how to improve my own reports. The scheduler was quick to respond to all questions and e-mails. And I love the chat feature on the website that always got me in contact with my specific scheduler each time I needed assistance.” – Walter

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