Birthday Party Sales

Turn-Key Sales Coaching & Monitoring Program

We provide mystery shopping reports and recorded calls to power the birthday party sales coaching program provided by TrainerTainment.

Increasing birthday parties is easy when you have a process and a plan.  The TrainerTainment mystery shopper sales coaching process gives your team a recipe for selling and closing the incoming birthday sale more often.  They teach your team how to close birthday parties with a proven process that makes birthday parties easy to sell and even easier to buy and then they test them with mystery shops conducted by Amusement Advantage.

Presenting the information won’t close more sales.  Their coaching team can train your team to answer the phone with confidence and book more parties.


The Plan:

  • Analyze your party packages and recommend changes
  • Create a custom script specific to yoru center
  • Train your team to book the party every time
  • 3 monthly mystery shops (including recorded calls) to inspect what you expect!
  • And much more…



  • Build team member confidence
  • Training Reinforcement
  • Increase party booking by 30%
  • Close birthday parties faster

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Here is the Press Release announcing the partnership:  Click Here.

Here is the video from the ThinkTank interview where Scot and Beth announced the partnership:

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