COVID-19 Concerns

Custom options for evaluating COVID Compliance and Perceptions

Are you getting critical COVID-19 Feedback?

As your attraction reopens, you need to ensure you are closely monitoring your COVID-19 compliance procedures and getting critical guest feedback as to COVID-19 concerns.  We have two custom options to support attractions during this critical time including new COVID-19 Mini Shops/Surveys and comprehensive CONVID-19 Concerns additions to regular full mystery shopping evaluations:

COVID-19 Mini-Shops/Surveys

This inexpensive option starting at just $20 per response* provides a quick way to get detailed guest feedback related just to COVID-19 concerns.  Each mini-shop/survey includes 10 questions and a detailed narrative section.  This can include any specific questions related to your local jurisdiction mandated compliance criteria and/or your attractions specific operations and guest experience perception criteria.  The program includes responses from 5 unique guests each month. There are no additional expenses as we use guests who were already planning to visit.  Results are provided to you within 12 hours of the shopper visiting your attraction.

*Mini-Shops/Surveys are purchased on a pre-paid model at the rate of $99 per month. 

Sample Questions:

  • Was adequate information available before your visit?
  • Once on-site, were rules/guidelines clearly communicated?
  • Were guest expectations adequately enforced?
  • Were employees following all expected procedures?
  • Did changes to the facility and operations adequately address your concerns?
  • Did employees’ actions adequately address your concerns?
  • Overall, did the attraction do enough to ease your concerns?
  • Overall impression of readiness to address concerns?
  • How likely are you to return to this attraction?
  • How likely are you to recommend this attraction to someone else based upon this experience?
  • Comments:


COVID-19 Concerns Additions to Full Shops

All clients are encouraged to utilize specific COVID-19 feedback and monitoring via a new custom “COVID-19 Concerns” section added to each mystery shopping evaluation/report at no additional charge*.  This section should include all the specific questions you determine as to cleanliness, screening, distancing, etc. along with detailed narrative explanation and insight.  This is in addition to the regular comprehensive information provided for employee coaching, rewards and operational oversight.  Results are submitted to you via email within 48-72 hours of the shopper visiting your attraction.

*Pricing for new client programs vary, typically started at $250 per shop plus shopper expenses for 1 location once a month.


Sample Questions:

  1. Was adequate information available on website
  2. Was adequate information available on social media
  3. Was adequate information available outside facility
  4. Was physical distancing enforced in entry queue lines
  5. Were all guests temperatures checked upon entry
  6. Were all guests verified to be wearing marks upon entry
  7. Were all employees wearing masks at all times
  8. Were all employees wearing gloves at all times
  9. Were employees observing physical distancing at all times
  10. Was adequate reduced entry/capacity enforced
  11. Was physical distancing signage inside facility clear
  12. Was physical distancing in queue lines enforced
  13. Was adequate hand sanitizer available
  14. Were adequate hand washing stations available
  15. Were glass barriers at purchase points adequate
  16. Were contactless only payments (no cash) available
  17. Were employees seen cleaning all surfaces regularly
  18. Were increased bathroom cleaning procedures explained
  19. Did the attraction do enough to ease your concerns
  20. How well did you feel employees addressed concerns (0-4)
  21. How well did the facility changes address concerns (0-4)
  22. Overall impression of readiness to concerns (0-4)
  23. COVID-19 Concerns Narrative: (Including explanation for negative responses):


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