Amusement / Theme Parks

dreamstime_fwheelcarouselWe have implemented programs at over 75 amusement and theme parks all across the US and Canada. This includes everything from large parks that include waterpark areas to smaller kids parks and everything in between.

Amusement Advantage is an expert at conducting mystery shopping programs at amusement and theme parks and adept at overcoming the various challenges associated such as the size of the locations, the large number of employees encountered and inclement weather. We train our shoppers on proven techniques for engaging employees at rides and attractions to properly evaluate their customer service skills. We equip them with techniques for reading nametags at locations where this can be difficult. We also offer guidance as to how to deal with inclement weather.

A typical amusement park or theme park evaluation is approximately 10-14 pages long. Here is a list of sample areas covered on a typical amusement park or theme park evaluation:

Mobile Website
Phone System
Telephone Associate
Parking Associate
Ticketing Area
Ticketing Associate
Turnstiles Associate
Park Grounds
Sweeper / Park Services Assoc
Restroom Attendant
Food Service
Food Service Location
Food Service Associate
Food Ordered
Snack or Beverage Cart / Stand
Snack or Beverage Associate
Food / Drink
Food / Drink Ordered
Ride #1
Ride #1 Associate
Ride #2
Ride #2 Associate
Ride #3
Ride #3 Associate
Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster Associate
Children’s Attraction
Children’s Attraction Associate
Retail Store
Retail Store Floor Associate
Retail Store Cashier
Games Associate
Shows / Entertainment
Water Park Area
Water Park Attraction #1
Water Attraction #1 Associate
Water Park Attraction #2
Water Attraction #2 Associate
Managers / Supervisors
Most Memorable
Outstanding Associate
Competitive Comparison


To view a sample completed report from an amusement / theme park click here.


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