Amusement Advantage provides Mystery Shopping for the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Areas of opportunity to be identified in museum guest experience

Friday, April 1, 2016

Amusement Advantage, Inc.  has commenced a partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Amusement Advantage is the Attraction Industry’s premier guest experience solutions firm, to provide anonymous evaluations of the museum’s guest experience.  These evaluations will provide insight into how the organization can make improvements to the guest experience throughout the museum.

The museum, which is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, is already ranked in the top five things to do in Chicago, according to TripAdvisor. Amusement Advantage provides an increased understanding of what their guests are experiencing, and locates any friction points in the guest experience.  Evaluating areas such as parking, ticket sales, museum exhibits — including their premium experiences — provide a further viewpoint into how MSI can continue to strengthen their hold as an industry leader. The criteria that Amusement Advantage uses, along with specific areas of focus provided by MSI, ensure a well-rounded and thorough evaluation.

“The museum is always looking at ways of improving the guest experience,” said Gil Perez, Director of Film & Guest Operations.  “By receiving mystery shop reports from Amusement Advantage, we will now be able to gain a clearer understanding of what we may not have been able to see by analyzing the operation ourselves.”

Amusement Advantage has provided mystery shopping solutions to the Attractions Industry for more than 20 years.  The company works closely with museums, science centers, aquariums, zoos, amusement and theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, bowling centers, and more.  It is the only mystery shopping company that works exclusively with attractions.  Other notable science centers that Amusement Advantage provides mystery shopping solutions for include the St. Louis Science Center, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, California Science Center, as well as more than 400 other attractions throughout the US and Canada.   Over 30,000 mystery shoppers work with Amusement Advantage in nearly every major market in the country.

“We are thrilled to be working with MSI Chicago,” said Scot Carson, President and General Manager of Amusement Advantage.  “As one of the most well-known science centers in the country, we are eager to help them improve upon their existing success and help them gain a greater understanding of how their guests are experiencing the museum.”


About Amusement Advantage, Inc.

Amusement Advantage, Inc. was founded in January of 1996 to provide mystery shopping services exclusively to the attractions industry.  Based in the greater Denver, CO area, the company works with attractions in the US and Canada, including amusement parks, water parks, FECs, zoos, aquariums, science centers, museums, bowling centers, skating centers, and other attractions.  Amusement Advantage is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the Florida Attractions Association, the World Water Park Association, The Association of Science Centers, and The Roller Skating Association of America and the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.  The company provides mystery shopping evaluations for IAAPA as part of the selection process for the Top FEC’s of the World Awards and is the exclusive Smart Buy provider for the Bowling Providers Association of America.

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