COVID-19 Concerns Criteria

New specific questions for mystery shopping evaluations

All clients are encouraged to utilize specific COVID-19 feedback and monitoring via a new custom “COVID-19 Concerns” section added to each mystery shopping report with the specific questions you determine as to cleanliness, screening, distancing, etc. along with detailed narrative explanation and insight.  This is in addition to the regular comprehensive information provided for employee coaching, rewards and operational oversight.  Below is a list of suggested questions:


  1. Was adequate information available on website
  2. Was adequate information available on social media
  3. Was adequate information available outside facility
  4. Was physical distancing enforced in entry queue lines
  5. Were all guests temperatures checked upon entry
  6. Were all guests verified to be wearing marks upon entry
  7. Were all employees wearing masks at all times
  8. Were all employees wearing gloves at all times
  9. Were employees observing physical distancing at all times
  10. Was adequate reduced entry/capacity enforced
  11. Was physical distancing signage inside facility clear
  12. Was physical distancing in queue lines enforced
  13. Was adequate hand sanitizer available
  14. Were adequate hand washing stations available
  15. Were glass barriers at purchase points adequate
  16. Were contactless only payments (no cash) available
  17. Were employees seen cleaning all surfaces regularly
  18. Were increased bathroom cleaning procedures explained
  19. Did the attraction do enough to ease your concerns
  20. How well did you feel employees addressed concerns (0-4)
  21. How well did the facility changes address concerns (0-4)
  22. Overall impression of readiness to concerns (0-4)
  23. COVID-19 Concerns Narrative: (Including explanation for negative responses)
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