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News and updates as attractions reopen and shops resume
Hello and Happy Spring!  It’s been a long and challenging year for all of us.  That being said, we’re excited to be seeing the signs of recovery in terms of mystery shopping at attractions.  Be sure you profile is up to date and you check our website and your email (including spam) for our latest shop opportunities at amazing attractions near you.  We also wanted to share that Amusement Advantage is celebrating our Silver Anniversary in 2021 with 25 years in business.
We’re also very excited to have hundreds of amazing new shops at movie theaters all across the country each month.  This includes all different types of theaters, drive-in’s and even whole theater rental/private watch party shops!  These theater check shops are fairly easy focused on pictures and documenting prices, seating and patrons and not full mystery shops with very little narrative required.
Login to view and request open shops anywhere in the country.
Check out our new Search by Type feature on our search pageThis will help search for any specific type of shop including phone/website only shops.  We have partnered with a group sales training firm in the attractions industry and expect to have more of these type of shops in the near future.
Also, don’t forget about our Referral Program where you can earn $20 for each new shopper you refer (no experience necessary) when they complete their first shop (any shop, anywhere, anytime)
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We look forward to working with you again soon!

Just in time for the holidays we have many great Santa Photo shops at malls and other shopping locations all across the US in addition to fun Movie Theater Check shops in many states..Please login to your Shoppers Homepage to search and view the details and request them before they are all gone!  Be sure to provided the earliest dates possible as they will be given preference for scheduling.


Are you interested in conducting phone only shops without leaving the house?  We have an exciting new project that allows shoppers to complete shops from anywhere in the US and Canada.  Each month we post new birthday phone call shops in many states so be sure to search the entire US by entering a mileage radius of 2000 miles if interested.  Currently we have these shops in the states and provinces of CO, NE and BC with many more coming soon so check back often!  A few Bowling and Roller Skating shops have also resumed.


More amusement park shops are available now and Arcade shops all across the US are back!  Please login to view the details and apply.


We now have shops in several states available for June and more coming in each day.  We also expect to see many more shops in July.  The system is once again sending automatic emails as to new shops available in your area directly to you.  You can also log in and check the opportunity board for all available shops.  If you don’t see anything in your state, please search within 1000 miles to confirm you are in fact seeing open shops before emailing to ask if there is an issue with your profile.  Please note that due to our limited operations, no regular schedulers are currently working.  As a result all shops are being scheduled by Scot Carson (General Manager) so please don’t email your regular scheduler.

We have received notification from our first client as to locations being open and the request to resume mystery shops.  We have Mini-Golf shops in Florida available for May at this time.  We expect more clients and locations to resume in the near future.  Please check back frequently for details.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our COVID-19 survey.  We had over 2000 responses and will be sharing the results with the industry very soon.  Your feedback will help attractions plan how to reopen in a manner that best meets your expectations as to cleanliness and social distancing.  We are also launching a Return To Fun campaign to provide our clients and the industry with free services to help measure and address guest experience related to COVID-19 as they reopen.  We don’t have any shops available as of yet, but expect to have some soon and will update this post, Facebook and our opportunity board as soon as we do.  All previous shopper payments have been issued and we are excited to resume shops as soon as it is appropriate to do so.  Take care and stay safe!

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!  At this time we are not scheduling any shops in April or May.  We will post an update when we have any shops available to schedule but anticipate that may not be until late May for June.  We are working hard to continue to provide payments for shops that were previously completed within the 30-45 day timeframe (from when the report was entered).  In the meantime we encourage you to follow us on Facebook as we share many great virtual opportunities from attractions.  We look forward to working with you again this summer!

Like all of you, over the past weeks, we have been closely monitoring COVID-19 and its impact. We are truly experience unprecedented times in our world.  We have, however, seen before and will see again, the resiliency of our amazing industry and the people that comprise it. During this time,  please know that you remain in our thoughts. As you might expect, our business very closely follows the trends of the amusement, attractions and tourism industries globally; and like you, this is a very quiet time for us while most facilities are closed. Since our entire operations, account and administrative teams all work remotely, no additional steps were needed to keep us safe.  We have reduced our operations to just provide limited email support and no chat or phone support since virtually no shops are currently being conducted.  We are in constant communication with our clients to make responsible decisions with the well-being of our shoppers and their employees in mind. We are ensuring that all shops listed on our site are open before assigning any shopper to any of them.  If you request a shop that is open and then later change your mind please just let us know.  If you are ever not comfortable completing an assignment right now or in the future when things being opening up again, please just contact your scheduler. We will continue to post new assignments as they become available. Stay safe and follow the recommendations of your local authorities as best as you can.
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