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As a Rockin’ Jump, CircusTrix, or Sky Zone franchise owner/operator, you benefit greatly in partnership with Amusement Advantage.  By setting up a mystery shop program, you are committed to continually understanding and improving your guests’ experience at your park.  Additionally, as the trampoline park industry’s official guest experience partner, you are eligible for a substantial discount.

For onsite mystery shops, which evaluate the full experience of visiting your park, franchisees receive Amusement Advantage’s discounted rate of $105 per shop* when setting up a monthly mystery shop program.  This rate is valid for parks committing to at least 1 onsite shop per month for a minimum of 12 months.

Additionally, group sales mystery shops, which evaluate 3 points of contact (2 by phone, 1 by email) with your staff’s sales team to test the effectiveness of booking a birthday party or event, are available at a rate of $90 per shop** when setting up a monthly program.  This rate is valid for parks committing to at least 1 group sales shop per month for a minimum of 12 months.

To learn more about partnering with Amusement Advantage to measure your guest experience, please fill out the form below or email us directly at josh@amusementadvantage.com.

“Every time I see my Amusement Advantage report come through it puts a smile on my face!  I know I am going to get valuable information about our customers’ experience as well as a great opportunity provide positive acknowledgement for team members that interacted with the secret shopper.  I love to see their reaction when they see documentation that they did their job well!”
-Shannon O’ Connor
Rockin’ Jump Carol Stream

    “We utilize the mystery shopper reports as a primary training tool for our managers and team members.  It is another set of eyes to view your facility on a monthly basis.  The reports are a key component of maintaining a high standard of customer service and park cleanliness.”
    -Steve Mays
    Rockin’ Jump Myrtle Beach

    *Rate assumes use of a standard criteria form and does not include shopper’s onsite expenses.  Mystery shopper expenses are based on the scope of the evaluation and are calculated for the shopper, along with 2 additional guests to participate in the full scope of the evaluation.  A mutually-agreed upon fixed flat rate expense amount will be determined prior to start of the program, to be based on any necessary expenses required for the shopper to complete the evaluation.  Any parking, required tolls, taxes, fees, and gratuities are all factored into setting the fixed expense amount.  The shopper will be advised that they can bring any number of guests beyond the required amount, although the reimbursement will not change.  Alternatively, if the reimbursement will be based on the shopper’s actual expenses each visit instead of a fixed reimbursement amount, there will be a $10 increase in the fee per onsite shop.  If customization is to be added to the criteria, there will be a $10 increase in the fee per onsite shop (unless the park is an IATP member, at which point the rate will remain $105).
    **Rate includes optional audio recordings from phone calls sent with the shop.  If calls will not be recorded, a $15 rate reduction will be offered.