FunRating FAQ

Unsure if the FunRating report is right for you?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


What is FunRating?

The Amusement Advantage FunRating Report is the most comprehensive guest experience benchmark report in the Attractions Industry.  Using more than 4,000 surveys collected from more than 600 attractions throughout the US and Canada, FunRating is the ultimate snapshot of the industry’s guest experience.

What types of attractions are featured in the FunRating report?

The FunRating report measures the guest experience at the following attraction types:

  • Amusement/Water Parks
  • Aquariums
  • Bowling Centers
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Museums/Science Centers
  • Tourist/Cultural Attractions
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Zoos/Wildlife Parks

What does the report measure?

The biggest factors of the guest experience are measured across each attraction type in the FunRating report.  Specifically, the report is broken down as follows:

  • Net Promoter Score (likelihood to recommend to friends and family members)
  • Amenities
  • Attractions/Exhibits
  • Conditions
  • Food
  • Merchandise
  • Return Likelihood
  • Service
  • Value

Is it easy to interpret the data?

Yes!  Even though there are nearly 45,000 data points in the report, we have put in significant effort to ensure that it easy to read, understand, and implement new initiatives at your attraction right away.  Thanks to our partnership with New Vue Solutions, the data has been presented in a highly user-friendly format.  Additionally, each attraction type’s data, along with each category, has a consultative interpretation.

How will FunRating benefit my attraction?

Have you ever wondered how your attraction stacks up against the rest of the Attractions Industry?  The FunRating report shows how each attraction type compares to the greater industry in each of the areas of the guest experience indicated above.  By identifying where you exceed the average and where you fall behind, you can focus your attention on where specifically your attraction needs to improve, and the areas that you can celebrate with your organization.

How was the data collected?

Amusement Advantage conducts thousands of mystery shops throughout the US and Canada each year, exclusively for the Attractions Industry.  Each time a shopper completes one of our mystery shops, they are prompted to fill out the FunRating survey, where they rank their perception of the experience.  This survey is consistent across all attraction types, allowing us to compare the data across the entire industry

Will industry suppliers/manufacturers benefit from the report?

Absolutely!  For companies who work closely with attractions, this report can help direct your strategy for the coming year.  Seeing how each aspect of the guest experience compares across attraction types can help you determine what new products or features to develop, and which types of attractions to focus your attention on.

I can’t pay with a credit card?  Can you send me an invoice instead?

Of course.  Please contact Joshua Liebman at and request an invoice.  Upon receiving payment, you will be granted access to the report.  Be sure to provide your name, company, and an email address to send the invoice.

When will the next FunRating report be available?

The next report will be available in early 2021.

I have more questions that weren’t answered here.  How can I learn more?

Contact Joshua Liebman at


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