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Don't believe us, here's what other contractors/shoppers are saying:
“I was extremely impressed with the process for conducting shops with Amusement Advantage.  Communication is excellent before, during (in this case), and after.  I learned a lot on this shop and will do some things different next time. For example, I need to find an app that tracks my route walking so it will save time later. I also need to practice using my camera taking secret people shots.  I took several shots that didn’t come out. Thanks for a good first experience.”  – Tina
“This was such a fun shop and I had a great time doing this assignment. Everybody  at the company was helpful in making sure that they could answer all my questions and I was excited to complete this assignment as well as fill out the report. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.” – Shashank
“The staff is easy to work with and I get timely feedback to help improve the quality of my shops.  I wish there were more shops that I could do as an individual.” – Rebecca
“Working with the scheduler has been a breeze. The shop was fun! I look forward to many more adventures.” – Sabrina
“The scheduler and editor were exceptional! This was my first assignment and they patiently walked me through the entire process!  I had some trouble with my being set in my ways regarding work ethics of others, and they gave some really good advice on how to keep improving. The criticism was very constructive and helpful! The emails were great reminders and very polite. The scheduler was extremely helpful and responded quickly with my chat.  I didn’t feel belittled or looked down upon by any of them. Thank you for making my first assignment memorable!”  – Barbara
“These jobs do require lots of work but I’m grateful for wonderful editor, scheduler, and facility. Fun shop. Editor great at communication for editing. Scheduler awesome at scheduling. Loved everyone who helped make this possible. Thanks for all your help.” – Kathryn
“I have no suggestions for improvement as the communication is always, professional with consistent encouragement to contact the scheduler with any questions. Clarifications are timely and easy to understand. One of the best companies in the industry due to the quality of its employees.” – Donna
“Thank you all for being so willing to answer questions when needed!” – Stephanie
“Amusement advantage is top notch when it comes to scheduling, assistance before the shop and evaluating the report. I love the fact that they have “chat” available for any questions I have before or during the shop. Feedback in the evaluation process is also very helpful.” – Janet
“The scheduler is very approachable and prompt in her responses. She has been accommodating without sacrificing report quality.” – Stephanie
“I’ve had great communication with my scheduler and the shop expectations were clear and  precise. Do to precise expectations, the guidelines were easy to follow during the shop. I look forward to future shops.” – Melissa
“It was easier than I expected. For my first time, I loved the experience. The scheduler responded immediately to get me set up. The editor explained what exactly I needed to add. The entire process was quick and easy.” – Cardea
“All of the staff respond quickly and clearly when questions arise. If you have  an issue including  any and all parts of the shop form they answer right away and are helpful explaining what is needed. When grading the assignment your grade is clearly explained. If the shop is returned for editing they are more than willing to explain the issue. Most of all those that I worked with especially my scheduler and the editors are very patient.  The people that help when your scheduler is not available contact them I immediately. Than you for helping and making me feel welcome and appreciated.” – Lynn
“Thank you all for being so willing to answer questions when needed!” – Elizabeth
“I love doing shops for Amusement Advantage.  I love the great variety of jobs available. I am able to take my grandchildren to so many different places at a fraction of the cost!” – Sharon
“This was my very first mystery shop and everyone AA was so helpful!  Looking forward to more shops in the future.” – Colleen
“The scheduler was very helpful with information about the shop. I felt that instructions were clear.  I received a request for a verification of a time and was thanked for responding quickly by the editor. I received the grading very quickly. I performed the shop on Saturday and submitted late afternoon on Sunday. I had the grade Tuesday morning. I appreciated the comments from the editor and her final grade. I will definitely do more shops and recommend to others.” – Deanna
“It is always great to work with their schedulers! Thank you for the opportunity to take my children to a fun day at “work.” – Brigitte
“Thank you to the editor for your excellent service and professionalism.” – Sandesh
“I thought the amount of information given to me was appropriate.  It was made very clear to me what I was to do when I got to the shop and how it would go.   I really appreciated the feedback from the  editor so I know how to better respond to questions.” – Brandie
“The shop experience was a very positive one for me. I enjoyed the whole process and can’t wait to do so again.” – Christopher
“Directions were easy to follow, and putting in the report was very easy to follow.  Pay is good, but the opportunity to do something you might not take the time to do is great.  I found it all an easy shop to do, both participating in the tour and responding and answering the questions in each section.  Thank you for the opportunity.” – Sande
“Professional and rapid response times. Thanks for detailed feedback and helping me get better.” – Cynthia
“The feedback process was quick and detailed and provided everything I needed to understand how my work was appraised and how to improve my own reports. The scheduler was quick to respond to all questions and e-mails. And I love the chat feature on the website that always got me in contact with my specific scheduler each time I needed assistance.” – Walter

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