Return To Fun

Resources to help you reopen due to COVID-19 shutdown

Return To Fun – Here to Help!

  1. Mystery Shopping – COVID-19 Concerns Questions (no additional charge):  Click here for details.
  2. New COVID-19 Mini-Shops/Surveys – Starting at just $99 per month.  Click here for details.
  3. Instant Intercept – App Push Notification Surveys (3 months free once shops resume):  Click here for details.
  4. Reputation Management – Free trial access to the express version of platform (for 30 days)  Click here for details.




Return To Fun – Data Collection for Reopening Success!

Webinar discussing best practices for effective data collection from guests.  Click here for details.

Return To Fun – Guest Perceptions by the Numbers

Webinar and whitepaper sharing survey results as to guest perceptions related to reopening.  Click here for details.

Return To Fun – Why Resume Shops?  (Client Testimonial)

Christian Vozza – VP of Marketing/Operations Congo River Golf:  “We are excited to be open for guests to enjoy time outdoors with their family/friends!  A critical tool for us are the secret shoppers and when we reopened, we started those immediately.  The safety of our guests and team is of utmost importance so the shops help reward our team along with adhering to our safety/guest service standards.”

Return To Fun – Data Collection for Reopening Success

This is the second webinar in the Return to Fun series.  As we plan to Return to Fun, we must acknowledge that no one is a post-COVID expert when it comes to the best practices to implement into your attraction. As attractions are beginning to reopen, we are starting to see the practices being put in place to enhance sanitation procedures, promote physical distancing, and reduce guests’ anxiety. The only way we will be able to tell how successful these measures are in the long run is through optimal data collection.

Amusement Advantage partnered with Avius to further support the attractions industry as the premier leaders in consumer analytics and guest feedback management. The presentation shared optimal best practices in how your feedback loop will be the key to success, regardless of which stage of reopening you are currently in.

Additionally, we reviewed resources available for Amusement Advantage clients that focus on mystery shopping, Instant Intercept, and BackLooper.

(Webinar) Return to Fun- Data Collection for Reopening Success on Vimeo

Return To Fun – Guest Perceptions By the Numbers

As you are making plans to reopen in the coming weeks or months, it will be critically important to be in tune with guests’ expectations and feedback, even more so than normal. To support the industry, we leveraged our mystery shopper database to conduct research, gauging guest expectations as to the reopening of attractions due to COVID-19. We received over 2,000 responses from all over the US and Canada. We asked the following questions:

  • How likely consumers are to visit different types of attractions
  • If they are unlikely to visit, what is the primary reason they are reluctant to visit
  • What measures would make them more comfortable when visiting (open response)
  • What types of modifications they expect attractions to make (select options)

The results were complied into our Return To Fun – Guest Perceptions By The Numbers whitepaper.  This and a webinar where we reviewed the results are available by clicking here.

Return To Fun – Here to Help

We also want to share how we can partner with you to provide additional support during this challenging time.  Our Return To Fun campaign offers clients who resume their mystery shopping program, the following additional services targeted at providing a wide range of information related to COVID-19 at no additional charge*:

1. Mystery Shopping (additional measurement at no additional charge) – Specific COVID-19 feedback and monitoring via a new custom “COVID-19 Concerns” section added to each mystery shopping report with the specific questions you determine as to cleanliness, screening, distancing, etc. along with detailed narrative explanation and insight.  This is in addition to the regular comprehensive information provided for employee coaching, rewards and operational oversight.  Click here for a list of sample questions.

2. Instant Intercept (3 months free beginning when you resume shops) – Immediate guest responses focused just on COVID-19 monitoring during the guests’ visits (via in app notification from SDK plug-in to your current app) to provide real-time feedback for operational course corrections.  This program can be expanded significantly in the future to include multiple campaigns measuring a myriad of operational, sales and other guest experience indicators.  Click here for more information on Instant Intercept.

The reopening phase will be critical in terms of gaining trust and confidence with your guests.  Our trifecta of research tools will help ensure guests’ new and changing expectations are met and they are having the best experience possible and providing critical word-of-mouth advertising and social media engagement.

Please let us know when you wish to resume shops and take advantage of these amazing new guest experience insight programs and how we can best support you as you Return to Fun.

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