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Our friendly project managers are just a click or phone call away.

ACTUALLY SCHEDULED for Specific Assignment & Date:

URGENT Questions / Reschedule or Cancel:

  • For immediate assistance including rescheduling or to cancel call: 800-362-9946, option 5 (urgent issues). If you reach voicemail be sure to leave a message. Someone will return the call ASAP if necessary. We monitor the phones 7am-7pm Sun-Thu and 7am-9pm Fri & Sat PACIFIC TIME.
  • In the event the 800 number does not work please call 720-938-3594 (emergency only).
  • Failure to call to cancel or reschedule an assignment may result in removal from our system.

Non-Urgent Questions:

Submitting Results:

  • Submitting Results: Click on the Submit Results link listed in the appropriate assignment on your Shopper’s Homepage.


  • Receipts must be uploaded, they cannot be emailed or faxed. To upload receipts go to your Shopper’s Homepage and click on the link in the Manage Receipt/Picture Uploads column. This will take you to the Uploads screen where you can upload your receipts. If you cannot scan or take a digital picture of your receipts for uploading please see the following FAQ: What if I can’t scan or take a digital picture of my receipts?

Payments / Post Shop Tickets:

  • Check your Shopper’s Homepage to see the status of the assignment. PayQuicker is processed in 10-17 days. PayPal and Post Tickets are processed in 21-28 days of receiving results and receipts. Checks are processed in 45-60 days. If you still have a question contact: payments@amusementadvantage.com.


Please do NOT call unless you have an urgent question regarding an assignment you are scheduled to complete. We have prompt response times via email and will address your question in a timely manner.